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Henderson Co.Wrestling.....the season that could have been.

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Henderson Co. sent seven and one alternate to Frankfort in Feb.08, in all time high. It's a shame that Bryce Alexander,Scotty Hogan,Chris Meriwether,Eric Buchanan,Christopher Forrest,Alex Higgins,Cory Roberts,Andrew Mullin and other

wrestlers had their high school carriers cut short by a school system that just

did not get the positive attributes of this sport and wouldn't give an inch to keep

this thriving team going forward.

  Thanks coach''s J.R. Bryant,Brandon Cole,Cory Noelus,Lance Fryer,Joey Greenwell

and last but not least Danny Lovell Who had the vision to get the program up and running several years ago.

  Going to tournaments and watching my son(Jackson Daugherty) and others on our team wrestle will always be some of my fondest memories. The early morninig

rides,stopping to eat on the way home....what a great time it was.

  I still have a heart for the sport and was only involved in it for two years.

Even though we don't have a dog in the fight any longer I'll probably attend

some events this upcoming season. 

  In case you haven't heard Bryce Alexander moved to Missouri and will be able

to continue his high school wrestling,you that have seen our wrestled Bryce

know what a talent.....Good luck Bryce and good luck region one!

                                  Dennis Daugherty

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