2022-2023 Rankings

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I know we kinda threw something out there last year so if anybody has any list of kids or predictions we can try and make a top 6 rankings or something like that.

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MS State predictions

70- Hawk Dauenbaugh
75- Cody Blevins
80- max nance
86- case Simmons
92 - Josh waufle
98- Ian Tucker
105 -Cameron underwood
113- kaygen roberts
121- mason damis
130- Parker Maynard
140- Carson herbst
152- crayon lafferty
168- Jayden justice
190- ?????
240- kam akers

just a little something to get it started based on regionals results. 

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70- Hawk Dauenbaugh, Landon Byers, Mason Brooks, Bentlee Lawson, Zach Ammon, Jaxon Riley

75- Cody Blevins, Carson Matney, Jackson Taylor, Jackson Edgar, Lucas Montgomery, Kaydan Rowe

80- Max Nance, Nolan Favorite, Peyton Fowler, Joseph Carr, Kaison Phillips, Jaxon Scott

86- Case Simmons, Brealyn Jiminez, Devin Brumley, Aaliya Svec, Elijah Maynard, Aydan Warren

92- Josh Waufle, Jeremy Mollet, Peyton Vowells, Christopher Moore, Patrick Counts, Grayson Smith

98- Ian Tucker, Lucas Young, Brennen East, Luke Cornwell, Lance Adams, Gavyn Kinley

105- Emory Dix, Garrison Thomas, Cameron Underwood, Isaac Ray, Carson Nance, Justin Bindner,

113- Kaygen Roberts, Kaison White, Brennen Clifford, Zac Scott, Mason Gipson, Blake Luttrell

121- Jagger Irvin, Donovan Rogers, Mason Damis, Declan Duncan, Braylon Dewire, Cooper Scott

130- Parker Maynard, Romeo Bartholemew, Corey Freihofer, Noah Pulsinelli,  Gunner Taylor, Noah Weissbach

140- Carson Herbst, Braylan Livingston, Ethan O'Malley, Dylan Hobbs, Caden Ratliff, Caleb Fitzpatrick

152- Braijon Brooks, TJ Gray, Crayson Lafferty, Maceon Kuprion, Jazion Lewis, Maddox Bryant

168- Jayden Justice, Deaireon Orozco, Elijah Huff, Carson Clark, Hunter Hopkins, Dylan Lemaster

190- Jesse Daniels, Noah Robertson, Jaydan Rutherford, Brock Crook, Wyatt Riley, Dominic Patterson

240- Kam Akers, Zander Edington, Prosper Livingston-holmes, Thomas Burke, Cody Hickman, Andy Avila

MOW- Max Nance, Kaygen Roberts, Josh Waufle???


(Don't know a lot of these names that well so I kinda just trusted their records and regional results)

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The kid from Paintsville has been very impressive the last several times I have saw him . He is JC transfer so he has the background he needs , he is strong and aggressive. 

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