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john newman

Essential Tips For Wrestlers

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When wrestlers try to lose weight, they frequently deprive themselves of the nutrients they actually need. 

Many wrestlers are either unaware of appropriate diet or don't care about it. 

Food and water are frequently solely considered in the context of weight growth by wrestlers. 

They disregard the fact that food supplies nutrients for body fuel. 

The scientific evidence, however, is clear: performance will be hampered by poor nutrition. 

When essential nutrients are lacking, the body cannot perform at its best.

Wrestler should keep these points in mind:

  • You'll become a better wrestler if you focus on wrestling rather than losing weight.
  • Wrestlers require the same nutrients as other teenagers do in order to healthily grow and gain strength, but they require more calories due to the demands of regular training.
  • Even when fat is present, fasting forces the body to utilize muscle proteins as fuel. This prevents the development of strength and muscle.
  • Wrestlers can reduce their body fat percentage with a healthy diet without losing muscle mass or becoming dehydrated.
  • Losses in strength and endurance can be mostly attributed to dehydration.
  • Rapid weight loss causes both water and muscle tissue to be lost.
  • The greatest strategy to reduce fat while maintaining muscle is to shed weight gradually (2–3 lbs/week).



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This extremely important topic merits more comments. Here is a sample diet I am doing for my son who started the season at 192 (and nearly 16% body fat from football) and wants to cut to 177 over a 5 week period. The key is nutrient timing. I group 66% of his carbs around his training. The first day he wrestled at 9 AM to 11.

8:30 Spinach Omelette small amount of at meal and small apple.

11:30 2 PM; 2 scoops of MM protein powder (50 grams protein 36 carbs) Banana.

2 PM 10 ounces of chicken breast, broccoli, strawberry and raspberry bowl
6 PM Yogurt 1.5 cup 1 scoop protein powder 
8 PM 6 egg whites 2 yolks. Apple.
9 PM  Sautéed spinach

The next day he wrestles from 7 to 9PM: 
Fast until 12:30. Spinach Omelett
2:30 PM Yogurt 1.5 cup strawberry and small raspberry bowl 
5PM Chicken breast broccoli and Yam/sweet potatoe 
6PM 1 scoop MM protein powder (1 hour before training) 1 small glass of orange juice on way to training.
After training, Lean ground beef burger on whole wheat.

This type of diet will be continued throught the week

As you can see, he is eating a good amount of food, however with long grueling wrestling practices he is losing nearly 3 pounds a week. He drinks at least a gallon of water per day. 

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Very informative. We’d love for parents to implement something like this to kids. Most need small changes into something like this. I’d like to add: add in 5mg of creatine, take a multi vitamin, and add in extra Vit D and Zinc. 

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