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Coach Chris

Middle/Youth Training/Tournaments?

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Youth/Middle School Coaches,

I need to see what all of you are doing, in particular those clubs that are school affiliated- meaning you use school facilities for training and tournaments. 
I have read the USA return to mat guidlines and as I see it, we are in phase 3 of the implementation which basically means we have to follow state and local guidelines. With lack of any other guidance, I also see KHSAA (state) as the only ones that are really putting out any requirements for our sport and with that being said that is what our school (local) is following. As of now, our wrestlers can not have direct contact with each other and will not be able to until 2 Nov with tournaments not starting until 7 Dec. 

So here are some of my my questions to you coaches:

1. What are you all being allowed to do, if anything, to prepare for season?

2. Have you started live practices yet or will you be soon and if you have or are getting ready to what channels did you go through for this? ie.. local health department and/or just the school.

3. Will you be able to attend tournaments in November?

4. Are your young football players participating or any other kiddos that are in Fall sports?

Thank you in advance for any insight any of you may have and I would really like to hear from Central Hardin, Woodford and Walton Verona since they have tournaments set in November.

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