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Just received the 2019 Fargo almanac. Here are the KY Fargo placers:

Cadet FS Joe Carr 7th 1994

Cadet FS Kevin Cooper 5th 2011

Cadet FS Ryan Moore 7th 2016

Cadet FS Zerkle Escalera CHAMP 2017

Cadet GR Triston Brooks 7th 2018

Junior FS Mike Benson 8th 1991

Junior FS Joe Carr 4th 1995

Junior FS Joe Carr 5th 1996

Junior FS Joe Carr 2nd 1997

Junior FS Sean Fausz 8th 2013

Junior FS Austin Myers 3rd 2014

Junior FS Austin Myers 3rd 2015

Junior FS Brandon Reed 7th 2017

Junior GR Austin Myers 6th 2014

Junior GR Brandon Reed 4th 2016

Junior WFS Chelsea Roundtree 4th 2002

Junior WFS Chelsea Roundtree 5th 2003

Junior WFS Maquoia Bernabe 5th 2018

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