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State Pics

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Lets get it started.  I don't want to upset anyone because Lord knows there's some great talent in every weight class.  And I have not seen a lot of the state this year.

106: Brendan Pye, SCOT

Thoroughly impressed with this kid.  Physic and Athleticism off the chain.

113: Adam Bender, WOOD

Been watching this kid for years.  Very strong and had paid his dues.

120: Brady Wells, Camp Co

I believe Yost has already won one.  I hear Insko is the real deal though.  I just think Brady is huge for the weight class and has been in the finals. Experience wins it.

126: Ryan Moore, WV

A lot of talent in this class.  Ryan has a motor and is tough under pressure.

132: Saul Ervin, UNIO


138: Bryce Sheffer UNIO

Im not counting Trent out.  I think he has the ability to win it.  Bryce has the experience in big matches. I think Bryce edges him on the mat.  Feet, theyre about even.  Trent better finish his shots or it could get ugly.

145: Joey or chance

It's a toss up.  Cant decide.  Both very tough

152: Cody Huston COOPER

Cody is solid through and through.  Zane is the man.  Fireworks in the finals.

160: Mason Smith WALTON

Time to get paid.  Blanton has been wrestling for what? 20 years. lol!  Should be a fantastic Semis.  Blanton is capable though.

170: Casey Cornett SK

Casey's going to be a 2xr

185 Max Andreoni, WOOD

Great kid.  Finally gets one.

195: Dont know enough to give an educated opinion.

220: Dont know enough to give an educated opinion.

285: Dont know enough to give an educated opinion.

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106: Zeke
113: Wallace
120: Yost
126: Moore
132: Saul
138: 4x Champ Bryce Sheffer (MOW)
145: Roberts
152: Smallwood
160: Smith
170: Cornett
182: Avery Buckman
195: Matt Stevens
220: Culver
HWY: Washington
Team: Union 232.5 points, St. X 210, Oldham 186, WV 184, Woodford 180, SK 165. 

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Looks like we were thinking the same thing and created the same thread


Champ Zeke Escalera.

Runner up Preston Mattingly.


Champ Adam Bender.

Runner up Cagen Wallace.


Champ Chase Yost.

Runner up Brady Wells.


State Champ Ryan Moore.

Runner up Tylan Tucker.


Champ Saul Ervin.

Runner up Stiles Metcalf.


Champ Bryce Sheffer.

Runner up Konner Kraeszig.


Champ Chance Oxford.

Runner up Clayton Hanson.


Champ Zane Brown.

Runner up Micah Ervin.


Champ Geordan Blanton.

Runner up Dylan Gray.


Champ Casey Cornett.

Runner up Joe Jackson.


Champ Avery Buckman.

Runner up Chase Blanton.


Champ Matt Steven.

Runner up David Woods.


Champ Colby Culver.

Runner up Lawrence Malala.


Champ Justus Williams.

Runner up Payton Snyder.

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He created this one first i was finishing my post probably about the time he put this up lol never to many threads about actual wrestling instead of bickering over nonsense lol

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