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Team Kentucky

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Hello Kentucky,

In case you haven't heard, I will be heading Team Kentucky for Scholastic Duals at Wabash College this spring. I am eager to get this ball rolling and start preparing for the event. Bewlow is the selected list of individuals for the team. On the list you will see the top five individuals selected at each weight. Please note only the top two wrestlers qualify for the team. However, alternates are listed so we are prepared in the event of cancellation / non-acceptance of the invitation. 

Criteria for the list: 1. Age (seniors are not allowed to compete), 2. state placement, in order. 

If a wrestler was selected that was a non-placement winner criteria was: 1. advancement in the championship bracket, 2. quality of wins/losses up to round of 12.

Training Staff: Chris Freije - assistant wrestling coach at Lindsey Wilson, Thomas Buckman - assistant wrestling coach at Lindsey Wilson, Cam Tessari - 149 DIV 1 All-American (4'th) at Ohio State, 157 lbs. (redshirt) at Lindsey Wilson. 

If you have been selected, even as an alternate: Please contact me with parent(s) email and/or phone number as well as your own phone number. I can be reached at or 270-307-2339. 


Myron Bradbury

1. Chase Yost - Woodford County
2. Cagan Wallace - Wayne County
3. Nate Wheeler - St. X
4. Adam Bender - Lexington Catholic
5. Blake Roth - Walton Verona
1. Tanner Yenter - Campbell County
2. Konner Kraeszig - St. X
3. Colton Lampe - Fern Creek
4. Bradnon Miller - Henry Clay
5. Austin Grant-Hall - Christian County
1. Saul Evin - Union County
2. Brady Wells - Campbell County
3. Ryan Moore - Walton Verona
4. Tyler Storck - Henry Clay
5. Austin Cook - St. X
1. Bryce Sheffer - Union County
2. Connor Cambron - Fern Creek
3. Dante Castellano - Simon Kenton
4. Dwayne Johnson - Eastern
5. Jackson Mclintic - Oldham County
1. Zane Brown - Male
2. Justin Torgerson - Lafayette
3. Joey Roberts - Woodford County
4. Micah Ervin - Union County
Louie Regalodo - Ft. Campbell
1. Trent Johnson - John Hardin
2. Jacob Henley - Oldham County
3. Nathaniel Lawerence - Franklin County
4. Tristan Garcia - Male
Chance Oxford - Union County
1. Cody Huston - Cooper
2. Mason Smith - Walton Verona
3. Dallas Miles - St. X
4. Jared Branch - Fern Creek
5. Brandon Leak - North Hardin
1. Geordan Blanton - Johnson Central
2. Corey Knoth - Meade County
3. Christian Shelby - Henry Clay
4. Jacob Bratcher - Manual
1. Max Andreoni - Woodford County
2. Dylan Gray - Cladwell County
3. Lucas Carillo - Oldham County
4. Joe Jackson - Johnson Central
5. Isaac Nichols - North Hardin
1. Casey Cornett - Simon Kenton
2. Avery Buckman - Union County
3. Raymond Williams - North Hardin
4. Dakota Santiago - Tayor County
1. Matt Steven - LaRue County
2. Kadin Kulmer - Trinity
3. Blake Denny - Henry Clay
4. Katayvon Anthony - Hopkinsville
1. Ray Karl Irving - Henry Clay
2. Daniel Kimbell - Oldham County
3. Alex Horn - Johnson Central
4. Kevin Shantz - Meade County
5. Ross Hicks - Union County 
1. Chance Orr - Paducah Tilgham
2. Brandon Reed - Iroquois
3. Colby Culver - Calloway County
4. Karrius Washington - Dixie Heights
5. Damoreon Travis - Jeffersontown
1. Landin Jones - North Oldham
2. Justus Williams - Madison Southern
3. Hunter Ruber - Walton Verona
4. Jonah Welch - Danville
5. Colton Spencer - Trinity

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Will the wrestlers need to participate at the weight they were at the State Tournament? My son has made the list but since the day after the tourney he's on the path of eating and lifting. So he's going up a weight class or 2...

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Seen the Teams the last few years ,If all those guys go that may be the Strongest since Team KY placed third In 2011, I think .That team was Loaded but this looks like a real solid lineup Very Impressive .

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Looks like it would be tight between some of them as far as A vs B team ,

AS FOR THE QUESTION EARLIER A FEW WEEKS AFTER STATE AND A LB ALLOWANCE I DOUBT ANYONE GETS TO BUMP A CLASS PERIOD LET ALONE 2,Nat duals is no joke Team KY has always been For REAL  kids should feel honored and should shoot to make weight JUST SAYING no one has grew or put on enough muscle that they would have to bump 2 and should make weight if they want to be productive there .

TOUGH Love it may be but it's the truth .

GOOD LUCK that's a Fierce Lineup .

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17 hours ago, MyronBradbury said:

Please forgive, I forgot to mention the Kentucky Wrestling Coaches Association. They will be helping as well, behind the scenes iorining out professional details. 

Coach if you got any questions about the area in terms of Hotels, Places to Eat I can help, I lived in Crawfordsville for 30 yrs.

Its a small town so hotels maybe limited

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I have made a mistake at 106, Bradley Miller holds the number 5 spot at 106. I overlooked his placement and awarded Roth the spot inaccuratel. I'm sorry for any confusion. 

Also, I ahve a pre-mature Excel document I am Willing to share with any interested indivdual on the above list. This will allow the community to help me fill in some needed contact information, as well as allow contact information to be shared amongst possible practice partners. If this is something you are interested in helping me with, please request in a private message or email. 


The official Practice Schedule is in the making, but is not yet finalized. If you wish to know regional locations chosen please request in a private message or email.

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Another correction on the top-five roster: Mikey Mattox - Harrison County, was over looked on my behalf. He replaces Austin Grant-Hall - Christian County at number five in 113. 

If I have inaccuracies at the weights according to state placement, please let me know. This is important information I am happy to correct.

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