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TOC ohio

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TOC was a great tournament this year! Tough competition,it was great to see so many KY guys participating and 23 placers is awesome! I know of some of the placers-Casey Cornett-2nd, Zane Brown-1st, Jared Branch-8th, AJ Binder-6th, Ryan Moore-3rd, Mikey Klein-4th....Anyone have the full list of placers?

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Ohio TOC ky placers

Bantam: none


-6th @76 lbs mason schweitzer

-5th @115 lbs liam glassmeyer


-2nd @60 lbs spencer moore

-6th @72 lbs isham peace

-6th @80 lbs scott villums

-7th @160 lbs steven green iii

School boy:

-8th @72 lbs samuel grandstaff

-6th @80 lbs thomas deck

-5th @126 lbs ronan wyatt

-2nd @205 lbs kadin kulmer


-8th @105 lbs tylan tucker

-8th @110 lbs brandon miller

-3rd @115 lbs ryan moore

-1st @125 lbs zane brown

-3rd @135 lbs trent johnson

-7th @152 lbs diion leavell

-8th @152 lbs jared branch


-4th @112 lbs mikie klein

-6th @139 lbs aj binder

-2nd @190 lbs casey cornett


-2nd @125 lbs john hernandez

-4th @125 lbs david hernandez

-2nd @135 lbs mac miller

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