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Top 182/126 in the Country headed to Monster/Freak NAT

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Monster Match & Freak Show draw top wrestlers in the USA...
Press Release
RMN Events Announces The biggest One – Two wrestling-punch in the country! Freak show & Monster Match kicks off 2014 wrestling season.


Denver, August 6, 2014:  RMN Events & National United Wrestling Association for Youth (NUWAY) has teamed up to kick off the 2014 wrestling season. The Freak show held at the RIO Casino & Resort in Las Vegas and the Monster Match Nationals, held in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado, will attract over 4,500 wrestlers/grapplers from across the country.  “Having the opportunity to work with the folks at NUWAY is truly a great opportunity.” said Ed Gutierrez, Director of RMN Events. “We thought connecting the two wrestling organizations made sense and we felt combining our efforts would benefit the wrestling community.”  Said, Dave Dean, founder of NUWAY based in Michigan.

Top teams are expected to compete in both events from New York to California. The highlights below describe an impressive line-up representing Team Minnesota, featuring their top ranked wrestlers in the United States. At 182 pounds, Mark Hall, Bobby Steveson at 195 and Cameron Sykora at 126. These wrestling rock stars offer a promise, to offer opportunity to those in the same weight division to see how they fair in head to head competition.

182 - Mark Hall: 5 Time MN State Champ, Cadet Freestyle/Greco Fargo Champ, Cadet World Champion

195 - Bobby Steveson: 2 Time State Champion, Junior National Greco All American, Junior National Freestyle Champion

126 - Cameron Sykora: 4 Time Minnesota State Champion, Cadet Freestyle All American, Signed with North Dakota State University

138 - Quinten Berres: Two-time Minnesota state champion

132 - Austin Anderly: Two-time Minnesota state champion

132 - Sam Bennyhoff: Two-time Minnesota state champion 1st at Freak show 2013

220 - Gable Steveson: Minnesota state finalist as an eighth grader at 195 pounds. Multiple USA Triple champion, national champion and Freestyle, Greco and Folk style

138 - Seth Elwood: Two-time Minnesota state placer

113 - Kyle Rathman: Minnesota State place winner. Multiple-time Minnesota Triple Crown champion. Freak show champion 2013


When: October 31-November 2, 2014
Where: Rio Resort & Casino, Las Vegas Nevada
Cost: $50
Admission: $15
Hotel: Rio Resort & Casino Las Vegas Nevada

Monster Match Nationals
When: November 8, 2014
Where: National Western Complex Denver Colorado
Cost: $45
Admission: $15
Hotels: Visit -

Golden State Sending Their Best To Freakshow!
09/03/2014, 3:45pm MDT
By Pablo DiMaria
Mejia, Doyle, Rohlfing and Dominguez on the board

Two State Champions Highlight A Great Group Of California Wrestlers Getting Ready To Wrestle In The Freak Show!!

California – Since the beginning stages of the Freak Show, the Golden State has always sent their best wrestlers to attend the tournament and compete with the best. And that mentality hasn’t changed a bit!Justin Mejia

Justin Mejia of Clovis High School and Colt Doyle of Poway High School, will be entering the competition in November and will try to win a title for the Golden State. Mejia won the Freak Show last season in a bracket that included various state champions and Fargo All-Americans. Most of the placewinners, if not all, were ranked in the nation by various wrestling sources.

“Our goal is to compete in this great event and win it for the second consecutive time. I know it won’t be easy, but nothing in life is” – Said, Tom Mejia (Father of Justin)

Mejia went on to have a successful year in California in the 2014 season by winning the state tournament and becoming only the twelfth wrestler to win a state title as a freshman.

Doyle had a great run in the state tournament last season for the mean green machine of Poway. Ranked top 15th going into the state tournament by The California Wrestler, he wrestled the best tournament in his scholastic career and came out as the state champion at 160 pounds. This season he will look to win his second state title, but before he can do that, he will try to win the Freak Show and make a name for himself on the national scene.

Two other athletes from the Golden State that can’t wait to wrestle in the event are Russell Rohlfing and Joseph Dominguez.

Both wrestle in Southern California and hail from strong wrestling programs. Rohlfing finished eighth in the one class state championship at 120 pounds. He’s a great technician who has been improving greatly and can’t wait to showcase his talent to the nation. Dominguez is a mat rat who has been wrestling before he could walk. Dominguez finished sixth in the state tournament in one of the toughest brackets in the tournament.  Last year in the Freak Show he placed third at 138 pounds. This will be his last chance to wrestle in the event and take the gold medal back to the Golden State.

Alex & Ronnie Ramirez Back To Defend Freakshow Titles
09/02/2014, 9:00am MDT
By Pablo DiMaria
California prodigies are eager to win their third title in Las Vegas

SCWAY News Correspondent

Los Angeles, California – Before brother’s Alex and Ronnie Ramirez learned how to walk, they were being taught wrestling moves by their dad, Camilo Gonzalez. Gonzales is the Head Coach at Rowland Heights High School and also of one of the most prestigious wrestling clubs in Southern California, the Pounders wrestling club.

Gonzales was a great wrestler during his high school days. He was a California state placewinner for Chaffey High School in 1997, and won two California state titles for Mt. San Antonio junior college and a National Collegiate Wrestling Association title for University of Reno as a college wrestler. In the international scene, he was a U.S Open National Champion and represented both Mexico and the U.S.A in international competition.

Now both of his boys are trying to have the same success as their father on the wrestling mats around the Golden state and the nation. But before they can take their talent to the junior high and elementary level, they will be taking their skills to one of the premier wrestling events in the nation, the Southwest Kickoff Classic, also known in the wrestling circuit as the Freak show.

Both Alex and Ronnie have won the event twice in their short wrestling careers.

“We love coming to the Freak show. Every year the tournament growths bigger and brings the best kids from all over the nation. Thus the reason we come here. To seek and wrestle the best from the best. I can’t wait to see my boys win this event for the third time and together for the first time” said, Camilo Gonzales.


Older brother Alex is always looking to wrestle the best from the nation.

Alex's Wrestling accomplishments

-Ranked No. 1 in the nation   

-World Star Member                                                                       

-2x Freak Show Champion                                                                               

-Triple Crown Winner                                                                                     

-8X California Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Folkstyle state champion  

-Ohio TOC Champion                                                                                        

-Tulsa Kickoff Champion                                                                                  

-California Republic Champion                                                                      

-Top 100 Champion in New Jersey                                                                

-Post Nationals Champion  

-Reno Worlds Champion                                                                            

“Alex hasn’t wrestle in his correct weight and division for a long time. We always like to test the waters in tougher competition and bumped a weight or two in every tournament we attend. I always teach my boys to wrestle the best and to never avoid tougher competition” – Said, CamilO

Because of their accomplishments, many wrestling fans are comparing them to some of the best brother duals the Golden State have seen.


Ronnie’s Wrestling Accomplishments

- Ranked No. 1 in the nation          

-World Star Member                                                                                                                                          

-2x Freakshow Champion

-Post National Champion

 -Tulsa Kickoff Champion

-Reno Trinity Award Recipient

-California 4X state champion       

- California Republic Champion                                                                        

- Top 100 Champion in New Jersey                                                                 

- Triple Crown Winner   

- Reno Worlds Champion                                                                                                                                                              


“It’s an honor to see so many people comparing my boys to the Valencia’s, Schultz’s, Tirapelle’s, Lawson’s, Cuesta’s and other great brothers from California at such a young age. But to be honest, we want to create our own legacy” –Said, Camilo

Camilo is doing a great job with his boys. Each year they travel all over the country, putting hundreds of miles to his car to attend major tournaments. And now people around the nation are starting to notice their accomplishments. But don’t think Camilo will be done with youth wrestling real soon.

“I have a younger boy (Camilo Jr.) who will be wrestling for the first time at the Freak Show. And a two year old boy who should be hitting the mats real soon. My goal in life is to make good men out of my boys. To be humble on and off the mat” – said Camilo

Don’t be surprised to see all the Ramirez siblings be inducted into the Freak Show Hall of Fame in the near future with all their titles won in this great event.

“I would encourage all to attend the Freak Show and wrestle the best around the nation. The top talent from California in all divisions will be in attendance. We just can’t wait for the tournament to begin” – said, Camilo.

The Southwest Kickoff Classic has gotten so popular in the past years that people have named it "The Freak Show of Amateur Wrestling" due to the toughness of the tournament. The event has 24 mats in one 80,000 square foot venue inside the Rio Resort & Casino. All competitor brackets, from the youth wrestlers all the way to the elite division, have numerous wrestlers with outstanding wrestling careers. Being so closed to California, all of the elite wrestlers from that state always attend the tournament. College coaches from all divisions are in attendance trying to recruit new talent and make them into college All-Americans.

The Southwest Kickoff Classic is also the only event of its kind in the nation that showcases wrestling matches between UFC stars and former NCAA national champions. Plus being inducted into the Freak show Hall of Fame, is one of the biggest highlights for any scholastic wrestler.

For more information on the tournament visit the following site.

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