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Ranger123 HS Rankings 2013/2014 - December 17

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You are absolutely correct , but in HS those close matches between top kids are rare a strong kid can finish it quick if he has The skills , as for ATM he has had a lot of those long OT matches over the yrs or the close ones like with Robinson his fresh yr and a couple more at nat duals last yr again , A 220 ahead by one going into the third rides out an Ill runner up for the w when everyone in the room thought he would kick and go for the two or OT , and last week when he obviously should have took a time out he stays in , maybe not smart but showed a lot of heart , even the last match he lost against one of the best ever wrestlers from Ohio he dieted his butt of as a sixth grader to make that weight , knowing everyone else would run and if he did his best he would make finals , he did and did of course he got teched by an eight grade stud but he knocked out kids who are now srs and Ohio state champs along the way :)ATM has more heart than any kid I have ever seen and strength is a product of Heart the time and intensity it takes to earn strength takes tons of Heart not to mention the hrs when most are sleeping eating or watching tv etc , some earn their Power ATM is one probably one of the smallest ranked 220 s in the nation .

Watching Karelin lose showed how much Heart true wrestlers have at his age with his right pec almost completely torn off he did what he did a true athlete a powerful knowledgable skilled phenom , Incredible

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