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Wrestling Tournament Software

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It seems that in most of the tournaments around the State a similar Wrestling Tournament Software is used to make the brackets and keep scoring.  Does anyone have any information on the name of that software and where it can be purchased??

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Yes, I use Preferred Education software also. It works for me. There is another program that is popular out there.

"Tournament Plus" I will probly purchase this for KY USA Wrestling to run our tournaments.

Bob McCormack developed this program several years ago to handle a large youth tournament that they hold every year for elementary school wrestlers (grade K-8).  The tournament grew quickly to be a New England wide event with 1200 kids wrestling on up to 16 mats at a time (we have a tournament website at  Since then, I have continued to incorporate features that folks outside of New England needed to match their way of running tournaments.

The software handles round robin (up to 6 wrestlers; everyone wrestles every other person in the bracket once) and double elimination (up to 32 person brackets). There are several bracketing options including a preliminary "pig-tail" round of up to 64 wrestlers, single elimination, which will automatically populate the subsequent bracket with the winners of the "pig-tail" round,  You also have an option to make a bracket (or all brackets) single elimination through the first or second rounds.  There is no limit on weight brackets within a division, but there is a limit of 10 divisions in the tournament (e.g., Bantam, Novice, Schoolboy, Open, etc).  You can also mix bracket sizes within a division such - 4-person round robin + 5-person round robin + 8-person double elimination, etc)

The program has a very flexible team scoring feature.  You specify the points awarded for a pin, tech fall, etc., as well as advancement points.  You can also specify "place points only" and award only points for the final place winners.  It will also assign bout numbers, if you have previously set up you brackets, with an option to number them by assigned mats as well.

Although the program is basically a line bracketing format, I recently added an optional freestyle type bout slip and scoring feature for Mark Cammisa.  I believe that may organizations are now going to line bracketing instead of vertical pairing for freestyle.  I have typically added features like this at the request of some of my customers if the change is something that can be of benefit to everyone.  These are included in subsequent updates to the software, and available to anyone who is a registered user (free for the first year and, typically, $25 after that).

If you are interested in a purely vertical pairing format, I have another program that I have completed but only made limited distribution of pending completion of the User Guide and updating a few things to make it more user friendly.  I also have to match it against the new freestyle format rules for scoring.

I could ramble for pages about the program, but would prefer to address any specific concerns that you may have.  Please look at the website and let me know what questions you may have.  If you are considering something for Kentucky USAW similar to what Mark has done (he is trying to get all of his participating teams using the same software for hosting their tournaments).

Thanks again for contacting me.  I hope that Tournament Plus can work for you.

Bob McCormack

BrownBag Data   

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