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Found 2 results

  1. Home Grown Wrestling Club

    Veterans Memorial Tournament

    Hello, Home Grown Wrestling Club is asking for everyones help and support to make the Veterans Memorial Tournament a success and to help encourage your wrestlers and teams to attend this tournament. We are working hard to get kids in our state opportunites to wrestle and get mat time. We do not want to see another youth and middle school tournament get cancelled due to low numbers. In addition to this Tournament being the first one in KY for the new season its also a tournament to honor our Military Veterans. We have invited all the service branches to come and be represented and be honored during our tournament. This Tournament will have many levels of wrestlers from brand new kids who have one or two practices to state placers and state champions. We need to get and keep our kids on the mat wrestling. Every cancelled event is another lost opportunity for kids to practice and get mat time with different kids. Unfortuntely with the rising cost of everything its becoming harder and harder to host and run tournaments at $15 like everyone is use too. Food has gone up costing more to run concessions, medals have increased in price as has shipping costs, the officials all get $5 per hour more each as well as the price to sanction the tournament with USA Wrestling has increased. All these factor into the cost to host a tournament. We did decide to charge $25 per wrestler to help cover the costs so we don't lose money, however in an attempt to avoid cancelling the tournament we have decided on the following. If you are a team bringing 10 or more Wrestlers we will charge you $15 per wrestler if you are a team bringing 5-10 wrestlers it will be $20 per wrestler and anyone with 1-5 wrestlers will pay $25. We will charge you the day of the tournament accordingly with cash or check as payment. We hope this will help make it more affordable for the larger teams and will help to get your teams and wrestlers to show up. I would love nothing more than to be able to charge $10 or $15 per wrestler but that's not practical anymore with the current economy so that is why we had to charge more. We aren't getting rich hosting this tournament and we are not trying to get rich however we can't lose money either or do all this work to maybe break even. We hope everyone understands. We also planned on having a big concessions and hospitality room available however until we see larger numbers for registration its hard to shop and plan accordingly so I ask everyone to please try to register or contact me directly with the number of wrestlers and coaches you will have coming asap so we can be prepared for the concessions and hospitality room. We have our local golden corral offering to donate food for our hospitality room but with our low numbers so far it would not make sense to have them do that. If we get enough people coming I will reach back out to them. This being the first tournament of the new year and a USA Wrestling Tournament we used the 2022 usa wrestling age and weight chart guidelines for this tournament. We realize its not a traditional youth and middle school tournament with middle school weight classes we did this to allow time for kids to get to the middle school weights later but still wrestle now. Please encourage all wrestlers of all ages experience and skill set to get on the mat and lets start this wrestling season out on a good foot and positive note. We hope to see everyone there Saturday. Any questions please contact me or the tournament director Chris Harrison I have attached the tournament flyer. The flyer doesnt have the team prices I mentioned so keep that in mind when telling your team and parents. Thank You again for considering attending our tournament. veterans memorial wrestling tournament.docx
  2. K-8 Belt tournament in Abingdon, VA. Dec. 6th, 2014. Awesome belts awarded to weight class winners of 6-8 and most outstanding wrestlers in K-5. Team dual tournament on Sunday, Dec. 7th. For more information and registration, check out