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  1. Bucks50

    2022 Ranger Report Part 1

    No issues, Like I have said before: you do a wonderful job. I just found it funny the quote I mentioned due to the conversations from about a month ago. I have heard nothing but good things about you.
  2. Bucks50

    2022 Ranger Report Part 1

    . "And even though I hate Harrison County and never give their kids the credit they deserve, I have picked Funkhouser to make the podium." I couldnt tell if you were being serious here or referencing the conversation that happened about a month ago? LOL
  3. The screen shot above. Where did you get this at? Is this an app or website?
  4. As does every other wrestling program in the USA.
  5. Are you mainly based in the western side of the state? I really have enjoyed my 4 years watching my son wrestle. I wrestled a million years ago in high school. I am interested in maybe refereeing but haven’t jumped in yet. Thanks again
  6. I really appreciate this ranking no matter what our feelings are on the order. I don’t think people can really imagine truthfully ranking thousands of wrestlers across an entire state. I also know it is a huge service that most every kid, parent , and coach love. It adds perspective and excitement to every match. So thank you for this service you provide.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I didn’t know that
  8. Just to let you know. Harrison county is 20-0 in duals and has beaten Great Crossing and now Walton Verona head to head