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  1. WVhighlander

    Weekend practices

    Where is your place and is it open to everyone?
  2. WVhighlander

    Weekend practices

    Any weekend practices or camps going on during football season. Only time We can get some of our kids on the mat during football season is weekends. I know Lindsay Wilson is having a camp August 13th we will be attending. Anything else.
  3. WVhighlander

    Bluegrass State Games Results- 2nd Session

    Thank you Mr Teater. This is growing. Had a few monsterous brackets. A lot of the little guys come out to brawl. Have a really good group of kids in Ky right now between maybe 110-135ish pounds. They don’t hide from each other either. Good matches. Trumble vs Johns. Tj meyer vs Amari. Mccloskey vs George. 3 of the top 144s battled each other. Two of the best brackets there probably the 128 bracket and the under 120 bracket followed by the 150.
  4. WVhighlander

    Bluegras State Games- July 23rd

    Where are they posted. Website just has 2019
  5. WVhighlander


    The last year it was at Louisville Male the ref wouldn’t let us do expo matches in the morning session. Or at least he would not ref it. we all really appreciate what you do Scotty. This even has A lot of potential. Perfect date. Great locations usually. But we still aren’t betting kids in. I mean if everyone is happy how it is then I guess there is no need to think of ways to improve it. just a couple things I have ran into this week. One out of state teams thinking it’s only for instate kids. Another issue is kids not wanting to do it because they will wrestle their wrestling partner where it’s Madison system. Will they try to separate teammates into different brackets?
  6. WVhighlander


    I’ve been before and they wouldn’t let us expo. But it was the morning session. We got one match and one forfeit one year.
  7. WVhighlander


    Always hard to know what match ups you will get with Madison system. I’m just hoping if I bring a bunch they don’t end up wrestling each other.
  8. WVhighlander

    Bluegrass State Games

    They don’t have any information out for wrestling. I know in the past the youth and ms has been Madison system. What about high school? Is it defined weight classes or Madison system?
  9. WVhighlander

    Bluegrass State Games

    No I am familiar with the games as i have participated in it for 20 plus years. In the past some of the other events have been sanctioned and ran by third parties. My point is it doesn’t have to be for just Ky kids. In the past it has had some kids from Indiana. I would like to keep doing it but in the past it’s a long day for just a couple matches against kids you have wrestled a lot.
  10. WVhighlander

    Bluegrass State Games

    That’s exactly why I said maybe someone else to run it. It’s nothing against how it’s ran now. But if someone like Tyrant or NUWAY were involved it would automatically bring in different kids. People visit their sights and schedule around their events. It’s not about all American status in those events. More about getting good matches. is there a flyer with weights and age groups out now?
  11. WVhighlander

    Bluegrass State Games

    Why? It didn’t seem very well supported in Louisville. I don’t think it has grown in 20 years. I may be wrong. Would love to see it advertised more so it would grow. Maybe someone else run it.
  12. WVhighlander

    FCA 2022

    Anyone know what teams will be there. Last year we got to see an early look at Ryle vs JC. There were also several good individual match ups to watch.
  13. WVhighlander

    16U/Cadet Dual Team

    Who all is on this team?
  14. WVhighlander

    Cadet National Team

    Who all is on this team?
  15. WVhighlander

    2022 State recap

    I believe Tj beat whorton during the season at 120. So that match up might be closer than the finals match showed.