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  1. Has he beat anyone ranked above him? Or does he have any common opponents?
  2. WVhighlander

    New weights!!! Who are the favorites?

    He might be. I haven’t seen him much this year. I just don’t know what happened to him at state last year against Zane from Ashland.
  3. WVhighlander

    Need teams for dual tournament on 01/29

    What teams are signed up so far?
  4. WVhighlander

    State Duals Info/ Section Alignment

    Nevermind. I’m guessing it’s the school population from the last reported enrollment numbers.
  5. WVhighlander

    State Duals Info/ Section Alignment

    What are the numbers to the right of the school?
  6. Hate that for any kid but he has always been a respectful hard working young man. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  7. WVhighlander

    New weights!!! Who are the favorites?

    06-Raney (Union) 113-Raney (Union)  120-Whorton larue 126-Williams JC 132-Thomas (RYLE) 138- Cain JC  144- Goss (JC) 150- Rider (Tilghman) 157 Herron NH 165-Kinley MC 175-Duke ( Ryle) 190- Little (Union)  215- wide open maybe Virzi, fleek if he is heavy enough. McCoy from JC and Galear from Woodford county had a Great match.  hwt - Smith (Martin
  8. I won’t pretend to be an expert on this or know any kids situation but I do know I wish I would have been held back. Nothing to do with sports. I was 16 and turned 17 my senior year. My daughter is in the same boat. I would have liked to of had my drivers license for a little longer lol. To each their own. Good thing about Ky is middle schoolers can wrestle high school. So most of them are wrestling high school kids anyways.
  9. No he didn’t. He said the Rainey’s are proof the younger kids can beat the hold backs. Now the Rainey’s are great kids and great wrestlers. But won’t they be 15 in 8th grade? Isn’t that what he’s complaining about?
  10. The Rainey’s are proof of what?
  11. Rankings were used to help seed this. They really helped out a lot. A Few upsets and a few we’re spot on. Then some wild cards out there like Matney (JC) , Johnson (Caldwell co), and Ball (larue) that have made some big Improvements. On a side note I hate to make a complaint but the refs were really trying hard to dictate every match with the stall calls. I’ve never seen anything like it. Not all of them. Really two refs were throwing stall calls around like crazy. And I know refs have a hard job. Hate to even say anything but the inconsistency is too much.
  12. I wouldn’t even say it’s a rough draft of state. It’s just a tournament. Tells you who has some big scorers in an open between Ryle and Union. Doesn’t tell you much else about state especially without Paducah Tillman, Christian co, and Johnson Central there. The question is will Union have enough Individual Champs to beat Ryles overall quality and depth. Or will JC be able to pull a few upsets and take it all.
  13. Where is Ryles 106 from last year. Johnny Nance.
  14. WVhighlander


  15. Ryle is loaded this year. They are going to be tough to beat in a dual. It’s going to be interesting to see if they have the 1st place finishers to beat Union in the individual.