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  1. WVhighlander

    Good matches from WCI

    Both Ricketts had big wins at Mater Dei. The bigger one beating Kiser and the smaller Ricketts beating the number 2 Krebs.
  2. WVhighlander

    Good matches from WCI

    Almost forgot that one. It was a really close match.
  3. WVhighlander

    Good matches from WCI

    What were some of the best matches you seen at WCI? top matches I see was: #3 Davis beat #6 Condi 8-6 #2 Whorton beat #3 Morris 4-2 in ot #7 Walls beat #8 Nardelli 3-1 #4 Mccourt beat #2 Mettling 3-1 #2 Price pinned #4 Cranfill in the 3rd.
  4. WVhighlander

    Toughest weight class???

    113 is really deep. 215 has turned into a good class. 150 will be really fun to watch. Especially if Harris is wrestling. Haven’t seen him on the mat this season.
  5. WVhighlander

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    He transferred. He signed with Oklahoma state. So it puts him closer. He’s actually not related to Jeff Jordan. He’s a beast though.
  6. WVhighlander

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    I think Jayden is too low. Going to be an interesting bracket with Beric and Bo. Jordyn is about right. Beat Jax lost to Blaze who is 3 and lost to the 2 seed. That is going to be a good one.
  7. WVhighlander

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    Who else is going to Ironman from Union. I thought I seen they had 3.
  8. WVhighlander

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    No. JC will open this weekend at Smokey Mountain duals.
  9. WVhighlander

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/23

    So is that the plan for the Raneys? 113 and 126?
  10. When are they due. I was thinking they had to be in before a teams first competition. Is that true?
  11. Last year we seen JC with 10 placers, 7 in the top 4, and 1 state champ. They still got second and was 70 plus points behind Union. Never thought we would see that. Seems like the top teams are really separating themselves from the rest of the state. I think we will see a really close race between the top 3-4 teams this year.
  12. WVhighlander

    Super 32

    Good luck to the Ky guys competing this weekend.
  13. Hope these kids are Healthy for the season
  14. WVhighlander

    Canceled Jordan 1 day Clinic

    Hate to hear that. We would of came but the distance you are from us we just go to Jeff Jordan’s. There has been a lot more opportunities in Ky to wrestle every weekend as well. Those clinics have been packed. That could have something to do with it too.
  15. What is the seating like? Someone Said there wasn’t Alot of seating. Will we be a able to purchase a ticket at the event?