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  1. StrubN

    New Weight Classes

    I say stay with 14 weight classes. A dual with 14 really competitive matches isn't that long of an evening. Comparing to some other sports. More likely, there are going to be forfeits or short matches with a dual being over in less than an hour. A way to remedy forfeits without reducing weight classes is setting a limit to how many individual matches count towards team scoring. Example: 14 weight classes but only 12 could go towards team scoring. Coaches can get together before a meet and decide which 12 of those would be. The other 2 individual matches can be contested for record keeping but would be excluded from team scoring. Up to 2 forfeits would be automatically excluded. This would limit the effect that forfeits can have without having to reduce weight classes.
  2. StrubN

    KHSAA State Tournament Survey

    Let's go 64 man brackets. Single elimination. Everyone can enjoy the parade then.
  3. StrubN

    KHSAA State Tournament Survey

    Hey is there an id# for the zoom?
  4. StrubN

    New Weight Classes

    Ok. I just reread the article. Looks like the 14 weight option is going to add another middle weight so things should even out there.
  5. StrubN

    New Weight Classes

    I suppose my main issue is with how weight classes are distributed. I've seen forfeit studies and have a concern with how overall participation may be impacted because of which weight classes are being changed. Looks like all 3 options have 182 and 195 being merged. It seems that opportunities are being lost there, especially for the upperclassmen.
  6. StrubN

    New Weight Classes

    Given the options. Why would anyone go less than 14? Talking boys.
  7. StrubN

    Expand Regions

    I've been perusing through the state results on track recently and it got me thinking. How about doubling the number of regions to 16 while also balancing out the teams for each. If my math is right, then there should be no more than 8 teams per region. Considering participation rates also, all regions would be able to compete in just one day. Seed the top 4 and advance the finalists to semi-state. At semi-state, seed the region champs and advance the finalists to state. A true 2nd match could be included for these tournaments but I wouldn't miss it. I like the three step approach the KHSAA went with this year but could use some tinkering with.