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  1. El cucuy


    I agree with the depth thing, but ky is getting better look at 138 the trinity kid didn't place and he's good. I just didn't understand from an honor point of view.
  2. El cucuy


    I don't understand the praise for this kid. Dude is an illinois kid. His dad is the coach for Anna Jonesboro illinois. That's where he lives and went to school k-11. Couldn't get it done in his own state, so he come and takes a title away from a real kentucky kid.
  3. El cucuy

    Post State Thoughts

    I saw Meyer stall and run for 6 mins. He did everything he could to keep the match close. Well everything but wrestle. Raney was never in any danger in that match.
  4. El cucuy

    Not looking forward to state.

    It's embarrassing. You wouldn't have to go far to see how a good state tournament is done. Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri put us to shame. I don't know but I think it is part of the reason KY wrestling is so far behind everyone else.
  5. El cucuy

    Khsaa is horrible

    I'm sure they do
  6. El cucuy

    Khsaa is horrible

    No one person should have the power to take a wrestlers post-season away. It's seriously sad. A senior wasn't able to compete, because of a pimple on his lip. Khsaa is a joke. Middle school state tournament is done way better. Is there anything that can be done? Or are we at the mercy of an incompetent governing body that is the khsaa?
  7. El cucuy

    Region 2 rankings by weight

    I wouldn't think of it like that. Dude is a legit contender in kentucky. It's a weird situation, because I hate it for the Raines they deserve good competition. But I can't blame anyone because they are on a different level. If this was Pennsylvania or new jersey then yeah we could say he's running.
  8. El cucuy

    State duals predictions.

    It's posted on track
  9. Has Paducah sent more than 9 wrestlers to any tournament this year?
  10. Union was missing their 132 and 145.
  11. After day 1 of the Johnny Drennan memorial Union 106.5 Paducah 61 Final Union 215.5 Paducah 139
  12. El cucuy

    Union County wins Mater Dei

    What's crazy is the team has only 4 seniors, 3 sophomores. 7 freshman. They were missing a sophomore due to injury and had 8 freshman competing in this tournament.
  13. El cucuy

    Toughest weight class???

    113 and 132. By the time state is here.
  14. They shouldn't have to schedule around 1 program.
  15. I don't understand how putting on a wrestling event, whatever time of year. Could be bad for the sport.