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  1. McNabb

    Coach of the Year

    Lotta great coaches! Matney, And the Carrs are who I look up to, since they are closer to home! But that is impressive with 6 kids!
  2. McNabb

    Middle School States

    Very well ran!
  3. McNabb

    Nick Giompalo

    Him and my son had some battles! Hard to believe he has gotten that big! Just yesterday he was barley 70 pounds! Congratulations Nick!
  4. Yeah the guy over said let’s show the high school it can be done! They did great! I wish they would look at how well ran it was and reconsider!
  5. McNabb

    Middle School States

    Very well ran! Round of applause to everyone who helped pull this off! Congratulations to everyone who made State, the podium, and All the Champions! It was a craaaazy year, but well worth it! I think the Raney boys have D1 potential! They are legit! See you guys next year! Thanks everyone!
  6. I noticed that even with Covid, Ky Middle School wrestling was very competitive! Well ran with 16 man brackets! The Podium matches were all fun to watch! The Raney kid from Union is on a different level! I think he can win State at 106 this year! I haven’t seen anyone as good as him since Spencer Moore! I think the kid is legit! I think he could be another D1 potential kid! The lighter Raney I hear is just as good! Them boys are the real deal! Kentucky wrestling is getting better and better! Next year the freshman class coming in should be pretty good! I don’t understand how he is that good? It blows my mind! I’m the Raney boys fan for sure! Good luck young fellas! Represent KY! Congratulations to everyone who made the podium, and all the Champs! I hope to see some of you young guys wrestle up and make High school States this year!