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  1. Isn't it the same club that is used by Elite Sports? I've heard that this has never been that ongoing training session they've been working on.
  2. john newman

    Season Starts!!!

    It is totally varying on the circumstances and situations as far as I've tried to get it.
  3. I came across this information regarding how to warm up before getting into the ring in this article. Just making this discussion more relevant.
  4. I don't think so anyone here is as much challenged as much you think we are.
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    What's the schedule of the upcoming matches?
  6. john newman

    Best type of mat for a wrestling room?

    Here is some useful information about GOOD HABITS TO HAVE TO HELP ENFORCE A HEALTHY EATING PLAN in this article.
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    Please do share the link to it
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  9. john newman


    When is it expected?
  10. john newman

    2020-2021 Events

    I'm interested.
  11. Nice. You should try elite sports as well.
  12. john newman

    Looking for a Wrestling coach

    A warm welcome to Born tough for sending me the tank tops for my new training sessions.
  13. Maybe skipping this year...
  14. john newman

    2020-2021 Events

    I'm excited to find out.