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  1. Wrestlerfromwayback

    FCA 2020

    How much for camper, team?
  2. Wrestlerfromwayback

    So what match....

    What match are you most excited about tomorrow? I have to say. It was fun watching track wrestling and actually seeing the matches live. I hope to make it next year. Great matches so far.
  3. Wrestlerfromwayback

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    Do I need a promo code? I went fo look at purchasing this and it asked for a promo code. Looking forward to watching. Thanks guys. Best wishes to all wrestlers and coaches
  4. Wrestlerfromwayback

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    How do you get access?
  5. Wrestlerfromwayback

    Region Brackets

    When I try to look at khsaa region 1....it just says weight class undefined, but region 2 I can see..... Is there another link to get to region 1 brackets?
  6. Wrestlerfromwayback

    Region Brackets

    Still dont see brackets up. Anyone know when they will drop?
  7. Wrestlerfromwayback


  8. Wrestlerfromwayback


    When do the brackets come out for regional?
  9. Wrestlerfromwayback

    When do regional brackets come out

    When is the coach's meeting for seeding and when do the brackets get made up for regional. Regional 1 looks pretty exciting.