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  1. May wanna look at Cole Murphy from Spencer County at 106, he beat #16 this weekend.
  2. Ranger, I know you got a lot of ground to cover so trying to Get Spencer County and Colton Kessinger on your map. He is a 285 that has already beat Waller at #23 and in Tri dual North Bullitt had different 285 against him but he beat Purvis and Purvis beat JoJo #18 in the same meet. He did lose this weekend to #7 Watson. The team as a whole has also beaten #59 Taylor, #47 Fredrick Douglas, and I believe #32 Scott county I believe though only Taylor county is posted to confirm Gonna look at other weights and may try to raise a flag on a few others. The team has grown and added some coaches, may wanna keep an eye on them.