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  1. Idk12345678910

    Youth State-issue

    The birth certificate issue occurred at this year’s state tournament The number 1 seed at 140 was beaten out by an individual that came from Colorado and a former coach believes the wrestler was home schooled before coming here. He placed in the Colorado state MS tournament 3 years ago. His age was questioned also by a former coach and the only proof giving was a letter from USA wrestling Colorado. To my knowledge USA wrestling only goes by the honor system. Every other sport requires a birth certificate. I am not saying he is too old but common sense says we should have solid proof not just for him but for everyone.
  2. Idk12345678910

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    Johnson Central also had 2 starters out. Ethan Webb and Dalton Matney.
  3. Idk12345678910

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    We will really see where everyone in State is during the Anderson County duals this weekend .
  4. Idk12345678910

    Ranking #3 12.15.19

    From what I’ve seen Matney is at 140, and beat Hutchinson at the Bluegrass State Games.