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  1. JHamBCalumni

    Middle school state > high school

    113 and 121 MS were just crazy tough! A lot of those kids did wrestle HS and did well too. I love the competition and when those younger kids….especially the 7th graders just go and put themselves out there to wrestle HS. Win or lose they’ll be better for it later on.
  2. JHamBCalumni

    Middle school state > high school

    What you said…..and I’ll add my two cents. Don’t come on here and hijack a thread…..especially when this kid is a repeat 8th grader (home schooled but none the less a repeat) and technically shouldn’t have been permitted to wrestle. Also, age wise he turns 16 on August 1st. You can IMO be proud of the hard work but considering you’re wrestling kids you shouldn’t be and kids wayyyyy younger you have nothing to brag about.
  3. JHamBCalumni

    KFWC Bylaws

    Thank you gator1!! I’m in complete agreement that it’s out of control. I’m somewhat speechless for once and that never happens to me.
  4. JHamBCalumni

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    I wonder if this has changed and no one was alerted. Wouldn’t be the first time KFWC has done some things under the radar and not anyone know. Any insight?
  5. JHamBCalumni

    Region sizes

    Say what????????? Since when can two individuals move one team from region to region? I’m so confused and I feel if that’s true that is just another example of how horribly ran KY wrestling is and why it will never grow. Also……….Sure…..let’s charge parents double the price for their kid wrestling at state…..in one of the poorest states in the US. GTFOH
  6. JHamBCalumni

    Region sizes

    How does that even make sense honestly? I’m scratching my head. Never realized the difference. Why not make more regions and keep it more even like high school?
  7. JHamBCalumni

    ETC starting back up

  8. JHamBCalumni

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    Let’s just be honest and keep it 100. If you are 15 or almost 16, whatever, in MS in 8th grade, like that’s just a shame unless you’re special needs. I get it happens in eastern KY probably more than anywhere in the state but it’s shameful, unless your child legitimately needs an extra year academically. There should be some more criteria for this. But that’s not the fault of the parents it’s fault of the governing body.
  9. JHamBCalumni

    120 finals prayer

  10. JHamBCalumni

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    And that’s the essence of wrestling right dude? Coin flip of a match? Honestly it wouldn’t matter because Goss would’ve dominated both of them. Let’s be honest.
  11. JHamBCalumni

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    He forfeited because he was legit injured….INJURED. His matches even furthered his ACL injury. Sad.
  12. JHamBCalumni

    Top picks for Middle School

    Riiiiiiiiight. If speaking facts is crying. Man, y’all eastern KY rednecks never cease to amaze me. Bro, stop dipping into the bottle you drink from LOL
  13. JHamBCalumni

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    Ummmmmmmm. Let me break it down in simpleton term. Beane……..number one seed even with an ACL injury……..overall number one seed……if he hadn’t been Injured and forfeited out Andreoni wouldn’t be where he is. Facts. Straight facts. I love both kids. They’re both stellar but facts are facts my man.
  14. JHamBCalumni

    Biggest Upsets State 1st Round

    One word. BEANE Andreoni got lucky.
  15. JHamBCalumni

    Not good KHSAA

    Man!!!! That’s what I’m saying. Start late celebrate late. Give me a Corona with lime and I’m good. Helps the old bones man.