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  1. Wkywrestler

    MOW ?

    Another thing I thought of would be a Mr. Kentucky wrestling award. We’ve talked a lot on here about who should have won the MOW and I think it would be good to have a separate award for the best wrestler at the state tournament (MOW) and an award for the wrestler That had the best season or career (Mr.Kentucky wrestling). For example I would give this years MOW to Ty Lehman, and I would give Mr Kentucky wrestling to spencer Moore, cole Thomas or one of the Ervins.
  2. Wkywrestler

    Looking to coach

    The greater bowling area is one of the Most athletic regions If not the most athletic region in the state, man if we can start wrestling down there that’ll be something.
  3. Wkywrestler

    MOW ?

    Your absolutely right, to call him a stud is an understatement, and he’s not even done yet. But there were more deserving wrestlers to win MOW at this years tournament.
  4. Wkywrestler

    MOW ?

    There’s a few ways to go about MOW like we’ve talked on here before. To me at least Lehman had the best tournament, Moore was the most dominant and either of the Ervin twins had the best careers ending this year. So any way you look at it I’m not really sure how deck beats those guys listed above in regards to MOW. Could be the fact that he was on crouches a month ago (that’s what I heard) and made it back to win a state title.
  5. Wkywrestler

    MOW ?

    Thomas deck won the award
  6. Wkywrestler

    Takeaways from state

    Another year another tournament - compared to last 2 or 3 years, I felt like attendance was up, at least for the finals, just me? Are there any numbers on this? - union county has to be getting bored..... seriously though when is their ESPN 30 for 30 coming out. - I really feel like the higher ups are slowly starting to make the tournament a little better, still steps do be taken particularly in the aspect of presentation but I do realize the horse park has limitations..... operantly putting a mat in the middle of the floor is one of them. - also, year in and year out I notice the same few teams display absolutely terrible sportsmanship, kids running of the mat knocking things over, mouthing to opponents of they loose, putting opponents in very dangerous locks when they are down late etc. part of the sport? I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... if you feel like I’m talking about your team then I probably am. with all that being said, absolutely great wrestling like always, already excited for next year. Your thoughts?
  7. Wkywrestler

    Biggest Upset at State

    I would say Ty Lehman going the distance beating Merritt and Pogue was one of the bigger surprises of the tournament
  8. Wkywrestler

    Prediction Game

    Due to new rankings, I’m changing my Dark horse to Kevonni Young
  9. Wkywrestler

    Prediction Game

    I feel like they will be ranked by the time final rankings come out, how high they will be ranked is the question.
  10. Wkywrestler

    Prediction Game

    14 Spencer Moore 13 Mathias Ervin 12 Cole Thomas 11 Trayce Eckman 10 Daulton Mayer 9 Devin Herron 8 Jakerion Merritt 7 Dalton Russellburg 6 Stephan Little 5 Micah Ervin 4 Brandon Gianonne 3 Jake insko 2 Seth Lutes 1 Tony Ornelas Dark horse: Austin Grant-Hall
  11. Wkywrestler

    Pairings? When should they release?

  12. Wkywrestler

    Region 1

    Why was Rider DQ’d, why did he wrestle then FF, just a curious fan
  13. Wkywrestler

    Toughest weight classes at state

    One of the deepest weights ever in my opinion
  14. In the past 4 years I think the toughest brackets at state have been 2019 - 138 or 170 2018 - 132 2017 - 106 or 120 2016 - 106 Interested in what you guys think, and what are some notable state brackets from years past