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  1. I agree with all of the points made. It will surely be a huge task, but I know Coach Adams will make the most of the opportunity! I plan to use this as a recruiting tool, giving kids an opportunity to go to college, has been part of my program since day 1. All college is expensive! That's why we focus on grades and tests, the higher they are, the cheaper college gets. Bellarmine just seemed the best fit for our family , this news is just a bonus! They do offer a ton of academic and need based scholarship's at most of the college's in KY.
  2. It's definitely a huge step in the right direction for KY wrestling! Keldon and Alex Rivera are both going to be a part of this transition phase. I am excited to see how much Bellarmine and KY wrestling grow in the upcoming seasons! Go Knights!
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    We haven't had much support, but as mentioned above, we are a newer program. I have had a few show apprehension over wearing singlets. With several seniors this season, we are considering the 2 piece uniforms for next season. That and I will seek to gain more support from the football coaches. Have any teams seen a significant increase from football with the new "uniforms"?
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    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Keldon's injuries are worse than initially thought, his season is over. He did have an undefeated season at 15-0 and will be Wrestling collegiately next year. Best of luck to the region 2 145's, go make some waves at State!!
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    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Tilley 145 has been sidelined with injuries, hasn't faced Grimsley or Robertson yet this season. He'll be back, but Robertson has a pin over Grimsley at NC duals.
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    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Hennessy 182, has pinned both Lanham and Schneck.
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    12/10/18 Region 2 Rankings

    Keldon Tilley will wrestle 145 this season. Thanks for all your hard work, not a task I envy!