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    We haven't had much support, but as mentioned above, we are a newer program. I have had a few show apprehension over wearing singlets. With several seniors this season, we are considering the 2 piece uniforms for next season. That and I will seek to gain more support from the football coaches. Have any teams seen a significant increase from football with the new "uniforms"?
  2. Down by 3

    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Keldon's injuries are worse than initially thought, his season is over. He did have an undefeated season at 15-0 and will be Wrestling collegiately next year. Best of luck to the region 2 145's, go make some waves at State!!
  3. Down by 3

    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Tilley 145 has been sidelined with injuries, hasn't faced Grimsley or Robertson yet this season. He'll be back, but Robertson has a pin over Grimsley at NC duals.
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    region 2 rankings 1/27/2019

    Hennessy 182, has pinned both Lanham and Schneck.
  5. Down by 3

    12/10/18 Region 2 Rankings

    Keldon Tilley will wrestle 145 this season. Thanks for all your hard work, not a task I envy!