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  1. Tdog'sPap

    Preseason Girl's Rankings October 3rd 2020

    Hannah Pittman #3 at 106 is a sophomore
  2. Tdog'sPap

    Backup Plan

    yes to waiver, nuway for one, not sure on the other. temperature checks, one states you can bring a lawn chair as long as you stay 6 feet apart, so I am assuming they are opening up the floor and not using some of the seating.
  3. Tdog'sPap

    Backup Plan

    My granddaughter is suppose to wrestle in two venues in coming weeks. both are being held in large arenas that routinely host livestock shows. One listed the protocols, two 20' x 40' door sections will be left open. no air, but exhaust fans will be running continuously. Masks by all, except for wrestlers when competing. Social distancing must be maintained.
  4. Tdog'sPap

    Spring Training

    what is the drop in fee?
  5. Tdog'sPap

    Was State Seeded this year?

    They will never seed the state tournament, however, one thing could make our state tournament very interesting. And, it can be done logistically w/o to much hassle. Wrestle for true 2nd.
  6. the same thing happened in Region 5 to I believe two kids.
  7. That is incorrect. Hannah Stout from Bourbon county qualified in either 2011, or 2012
  8. Tdog'sPap

    Diesel City Folkstyle Championship Feb 9th, 2020

    High School Weights?
  9. Tdog'sPap

    2020 JV State Team Entries so far

    Is there a list of qualifiers by region?
  10. Tdog'sPap

    Region 2 Rankings 1-16

    Fuji may have lost in OT to kinley at the bearcat, but only because kinley was blocking and stalling. Referees admitted, his stalling wasn't caught in time, or there would have been no OT. He is the best wrestler I have seen. The kid is fearless. A true wrestler.
  11. Tdog'sPap

    Female Wrestling

    As far as it being a regional qualifier, I'm not sure. It is early, but from what I heard last year the regions that were late had a hard time getting alternate kids in to fill up brackets. It should be the next best, based upon criteria, or rotate by region, but apparently it was not done that way, so early may be better. However, as far as a JV/ girls event if was great for our kids. Had 3 teams not pulled out there would have been about as many girls there as we had at state last year.
  12. Tdog'sPap

    Female Wrestling

    I found the tournament by searching seasons on track. It has been there for a few weeks. I contacted FC coach, and he was great! He kept constant communication with the teams, and, had relaxed entry into the base, which is not easy to do. There were 72 girls there, and that's with 3 teams dropping out, and a few no shows from other teams. FC coach has stated that they are planning to hold this event next year on 12/22. I highly recommend this event. It was good competition, especially for our girls.
  13. Tdog'sPap

    Team sport

    Thank you!
  14. I just want to say thank you for ranking Cole Harrod. Today he had to wrestle at 113, because there were no 106s. He finished 2nd. Losing to decker of Bryan station at 111.2. Cole weighed 97 lbs, today. And, he still made it close.