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  1. Tdog'sPap

    Contracts for Duals/Tournaments

    I certainly understand why contracts might be appealing, because we all are trying to get as many matches for our kids as possible, and when teams don't show up, it impacts us all. However, contracts might have the opposite effect. It would be the same as when tournaments want registration paid in advance. If we have inclement weather, but the tournament is still being held, and your district prevents you from traveling, refunds are hard to get.
  2. Tdog'sPap

    SR and JB sharing truth

    I agree with the premise, but it comes from the coach/parents/ grandparents. I took my granddaughter to a duals tournament yesterday. there were supposed to be several girls there they could wrestle. Most of the girls didn't show up. So my granddaughter and her teammate had to beg for matches, against boys. Thankfully due to supportive coaches, they got a couple of matches each. They both went one and one. I gave them matches, that I knew they would probably lose, but that would make them better. In wrestling, if you only focus on winning, you don't get better.
  3. Tdog'sPap

    Dec 7 girls tournaments

    Queen of the bluegrass fairdale. What weight classes do you have?
  4. Tdog'sPap

    Madison Central Duals Dec 7, 2019

    what teams are attending the MC duals?
  5. Tdog'sPap

    2019 state tournament firsts

    Steve Wright Boyle County state champion 1979
  6. Tdog'sPap

    State brackets

    Well, if we wrestled for true 2nd it would at least be a less bitter pill to swallow, and people would stick around to the end.
  7. Tdog'sPap

    Rankings 1-5-19

    Yes price beat brophy 7-0
  8. Tdog'sPap

    Rankings 1-5-19

    I don't think Price has ever wrestled Richmond. I think there is a mix up on which 168 is Price. Price beat Gottler this past saturday, but not by pin. Price pinned Jacob Henning at Mustang duals at 190.
  9. Tdog'sPap

    Girls listed on rosters: updated 1/28/19

    It's Trinity Gottler for Anderson also Alexis Lewis 106 Anderson
  10. Tdog'sPap

    Rankings 12-2-18

    Honestly, I don't know where Trinity Gottler will wrestle. I gave up trying to convince her to drop to 140. Today she beat Hunter Pogue of union at 190. She went undefeated at 190. Her only loss at 168 is to lawrenceburg IN. Her only loss at 190, is Valesquez from Walton Verona 7-2. In any case. She has earned ranking above 152.
  11. Tdog'sPap

    Rankings 11-18-2018

    Austin Silva should be ranked at 152. Lost in ride or die to Trinity in semis pinned Hyden in consolation finals.