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  1. kytn

    Woodford Spring Classic

    Does this mean the spring freestyle/greco calendar is wrong, or is Woodford hosting something April 13, also?
  2. 2018 Spring Classic - 310 Bullitt Co freestyle - 78 Blue Collar freestyle - 100 2018 Freestyle State - 109 Unfortunately not too abnormal. I really wish we could get more kids out for spring wrestling. I realize there are a lot of regional and national events, but spring is a fun season, and would be much better if there was more competition
  3. I've been to most all of the spring events the past few years, and while I've seen multiple weight classes combined, I can't recall ever seeing divisions combined. I wouldn't have minded it on those numerous occasions when it was a round robin of two kids. That's not to say it hasn't happened, but I didn't notice it with any of our kids.