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  1. Mr. Perfect

    Takeaways from state

    $20 a ticket for entrance fee is too stiff. Families want to bring brother, sister, and maybe grandma and are spending over $100 just to get in and sit around for 8 hours. Some schools let their students attend in support of their wrestling classmate without burning an unexcused day on Friday, but teenagers are loathe to have to spend on gas, $5 parking, $20 ticket and another $20-$25 for food just to support a classmate. Want to increase attendance? Lower entry fees. Prohibiting coolers and charging $7 for a chicken sandwich and $4 for a water is highway robbery too. I can pay it, but many can't. I too though the event was better with the tech this year compared to the previous two, but this feels a lot more like a Cincinatti Reds game than a KHSAA school event. Just my .02.
  2. Mr. Perfect

    New programs

    Anyone know why none of the Warren or Barren County schools wrestle? Glasgow, Barren County, Bowling Green, Warren Central, South Warren, Warren East? Seems like there are a lot of great athletes down there.
  3. Mr. Perfect

    MOW ?

    ^^^ I'm all for it. Rodriguez carrying that guy off the mat to the trainers table was fantastic.
  4. Mr. Perfect

    MOW ?

    Deck won his 3rd straight title on a torn meniscus. He limped around Alltech Arena all weekend. ‘Nuff ‘sed.
  5. Anyone know why Strutman was scratched as top seed at 220 from Region 3? They’ve done a roll up.
  6. Mr. Perfect

    2020 State Predictions

    220 - Smith, Bussell, Orneals, Fisher, Whyte, Rauch, Johnson, Stratman
  7. Mr. Perfect

    Region 2 MOW

    The Fuji match was a classic. Herron then literally beat up Hoppes in the title match.
  8. Mr. Perfect

    2020 State Predictions

    Much obliged!
  9. Mr. Perfect

    2020 State Predictions

    Can you please post link to brackets?
  10. My son snapchatted with Deck and he is going to give it a shot.
  11. Mr. Perfect

    Final Region 2 Rankings! 1/28

    Their website has photos. Basketball gym is reasonably good-sized, should be able to fit 3 mats, but probably not a ton of bleacher space. I'd say we will all have to learn how to become close seat-mates!
  12. Mr. Perfect

    Final Region 2 Rankings! 1/28

    I am trying to wrap my head around how a school as small as Trinity Whitesville is going to be large enough to host a Region Tourney. Is there extra space somewhere I'm not aware of?
  13. Mr. Perfect

    Small school state dual pools

    Sounds awesome. What does Matthias actually weigh in at?
  14. Mr. Perfect

    Small school state dual pools

    Track is reporting a Tucker/Ervin match that Ervin won 3-2. I would love to have seen video of that.
  15. Mr. Perfect

    Region 2 Rankings 1-16

    Lot of weight class drops and personnel changes the past couple of weeks. Lattin for Meade is wrestling 182. I've been told Cameron Brown from John is trying to head there. Jordan Neal from Owensboro is at 195, Logan Palmer is wrestling 220 for them. The 220 all season for Central has been Stephan Serra. He started slow but has been wrestling well. Excited for regions.