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  1. Logan Deasal is transferring to P.T. Due to the redistricting.
  2. My two are signed up. One has some entrants in his class, the other does not. If nothing else, we get to waive the flag and school colors, make a showing, and eat at the only Lee's Chicken that has a buffet.
  3. Thank you, Ranger. I do not think it can be overstated how much your work is important to the viability of wrestling in Kentucky. As far as I know, you are the only person consistently putting out rankings of wrestlers in this state (and doing so despite less than satisfactory input of data by schools). Even if coaches don't like their wrestlers focusing on rankings, your work nevertheless keeps renewed fan/parent interest and debate, increases the optics for media coverage, and provides at least a baseline for preparation for matches and measurement of opponents. These things are important to the sport. If there is to be a future seeding of a state tournament, your work will be the first evidence relied upon.
  4. Mr. Perfect

    State brackets

    I do not believe that we can, on one hand, lament the lack of coach's input on track and other lack of providing information during the season, and then, on the other hand, argue that state brackets should be seeded. If there is a dearth of information being provided, then seeding isn't going to be accurate. Until we, collectively, are better at providing information to paint an accurate picture, we will always have KHSAA random draws. Just my .02 on a rainy post-region Monday.
  5. Did he do that against Tilley for Bardstown? That was a titanic match. Hate that for him and hope he has solid recovery.
  6. Mr. Perfect

    region 2 rankings

    A lot of inter-region matches in the next two weeks, should sort it out some. I think Lambert from Larue (220) is cutting weight down to 195, they have another guy wrestling 220.
  7. Mr. Perfect

    12/10/18 Region 2 Rankings

    It appears that Cade Crume is wrestling 220 for Apollo; Floyd for Bardstown; Kyler Lee for Central Hardin; Pratt for Meade; Mills for Trinity-Whitesville; Brayden Davis for Daviess County; Jordan Neal for Owensboro; Lambert (8th grader) for Larue; Abel Martinez for North Hardin; and a Braxton Turpin for Taylor. John Hardin has not had a consistent entry at 220, and it appears that Ft. Knox, Nelson County, and Thomas Nelson are not fielding a 220 this season. It is junior-heavy group, and several of these guys (Crume, Floyd, Lee, Neal, and Martinez) wrestled at 182 last season. Floyd beat Lee and Crume last year to advance to the medal rounds and has beaten Martinez and Davis this season, and lost to Mills. In my opinion it is Pratt, a long drop to Mills, and then a whole bunch of juniors and an 8th grader battling it out from there.
  8. Mr. Perfect

    Region 2 Rankings

    Sam Floyd Bardstown at 220. State qualifier at 182 last year. Wrestled Mills 2 weeks ago and was leading on points when he went for a throw and got pinned. Also, Edwing Coronado, Bardstown 138 was a state qualifier last year at that weight, Alex Chesser Bardstown 285 was a state qualifier 2 years ago at that weight, and Ethan Henessey, Bardstown 182 will be a sleeper.
  9. Just to help with new potential weights this year, I can tell you that Caleb Mills (Trinity Whitesville) listed in your preseason 195, wrestled at 220 last week and looked every bit of that weight, and Briar Roberts (Trinity Whitesville) listed in your preseason 220, wrestled at 285. Mills went several rounds and pinned Sam Floyd of Bardstown, a state qualifier last season at 182. Roberts defeated Alex Chesser of Bardstown, a state qualifier two seasons ago at 285. Also, last night Miles Nelson of North Hardin, listed in your preseason 160, wrestled Keldon Tilley of Bardstown, listed in your preseason 145, and they wrestled each other at 152. Hope that helps, just trying to do my part.
  10. Mr. Perfect

    wrestlers playing football

    Chase Blanton, RB for Harrison County. Sam Floyd, OT/DE for Bardstown. Walker Davis, WR for Daviess County.
  11. Mr. Perfect

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    How might one sign up, at least for the clinic. My son was a state qualifier at 182, though would be in 220 now.
  12. Mr. Perfect

    Region 2 Rankings 1/28/2018

    At the KYWCA state duals on Saturday, Lattin was the Meade 182, as was the case on their Senior Night on 1/25, and for their sectional duals against Bullitt East and Valley on 1/13. Schantz made an appearance Saturday at 195. Could be weight issue, could be injury, could be something else, who knows, but it appears Lattin has most of the recorded matches at 182 this season.
  13. Mr. Perfect

    Region 2 Rankings 1/28/2018

    Schantz for Meade is listed at 195 on track, and looks like he wrestled a lot of 220 and 195 this year, although some 182 recently. Meade is showing Hunter Lattin at 182, and he's 19-12.
  14. My son wrestled Mulcahy at 182 last weekend at WV and Blanton from Harrison Co. yesterday at Central. Got beaten by both, says its a crap shoot for who is better, Mulcahy he says is stronger, Blanton quicker. Blanton set up a nice splaedle on him midway through first round, and also handled #6 Chandler from Male easily. Also, just for your board, 120 #10 Marquelle McDaniel re-injured his shoulder in a playoff football game and is out at least until February, and 195 #25 Chambers for Bardstown is sitting out this season.
  15. Mr. Perfect


    John Hardin with 5 wrestlers into the quarters. Nice.