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  1. LAK

    New rankings

    I’m curious as to how the ranking updates went last year, does anyone know?
  2. LAK

    New rankings

    Aaahhh patiently waiting on updated rankings as well :)
  3. LAK

    Team Kentucky Youth

    Ok, I sent you the email earlier tonight. Thanks again
  4. LAK

    Team Kentucky Youth

    Perfect! Thank you!
  5. LAK

    Team Kentucky Youth

    If my child is under 50 pounds we are still able to try out for the 50 pound class since that's the lightest weight, correct? He is 47 pounds
  6. LAK

    Team Kentucky Youth

    If you make the team for "team ky" where are the practices held?
  7. When should we expect the brackets to be posted? The morning of? since they are extending the weigh ins up to Sunday AM.... birth year 2010