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  1. LAK

    Bear- Gatlinburg duels

    Can text for quicker reply 8595880662
  2. LAK

    Bear- Gatlinburg duels

    10 year old would have to do 12U- 90 pounds for the duels
  3. Have 10 y.o- 86# and 9 y.o- 70# if you know anyone looking to fill spots... would like both to be on same team.
  4. LAK


    Any rankings update? Agree, weight may affect some outcomes this season!
  5. LAK

    Youth State-issue

    My goodness... yes it certainly is an ATT issue, but calm down I didn’t call the arena or the city of Pikeville to gripe. This is a forum... under the issues tab... that’s just my only issue I had and I was just expressing that, really no biggie lol
  6. LAK

    Youth State-issue

    We need some ties with Lexington... maybe Rupp could offer their facilities free for charge..
  7. LAK

    Youth State-issue

    Same here. Not really looking for the “win” just voicing my aggravation. It is what it is I guess... maybe I’ll pick up an Appalachian wireless acct before next state
  8. LAK

    Youth State-issue

    Can we address the signal issue while we are at it. No service means not being able to follow track thus not knowing which mat my wrestlers need to be on, at the youth on Sunday- they did hand out mat assignments and I appreciated that, however, I could follow at which point our matches were- so consistently running back and forth looking for my wrestlers standing...
  9. LAK

    Place your bets ! Place your bets !

    I printed them last night at 1150- but they are completely gone now. Not sure what is up.
  10. LAK

    20 Custom Singlets $199 Pay After Delivery

    Same here... emailed several times, not one reply... topic should be removed
  11. flyer attached Rumble on the Hilltop.docx
  12. Any youth tournaments on Saturday 12/21. Not having much luck of finding anything on track.
  13. LAK

    New rankings

    I’m curious as to how the ranking updates went last year, does anyone know?
  14. LAK

    New rankings

    Aaahhh patiently waiting on updated rankings as well :)