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  1. justaref

    Commits thread

    Not having talked to him, but seeing his frame this last season I'd have to imagine he'd go down to 197, maybe even 184? Not sure what slots Lindsey needs to fill or if he could even make 184.
  2. justaref

    Kentucky College Wrestling Dream Team

    He did not wrestle senior year, but I won't get into the reasons as to why. He was a teammate of mine my entire wrestling career, as well as a good friend through high school and to this day. Things happen, Fern Creek had a lot of things going on that most on the outside may or may not have known about, which I won't go into. You can call it heart or just kids making mistakes, some grew up and some are still making them. It doesn't change the fact that John was one of the best wrestlers to ever step on the mats in KY, just from pure skill and ability. He had a particular hard-nosedness to his wrestling that was like nothing else I've personally felt. Downright mean at times even in the practice room. Always willing to go as hard as possible with the best of the best. The 'fascination' with him is that he genuinely beat down guys on the mat and his power double/over-under series are still some of the best I've seen. I also think he was 'over weight', in college I think coaches could have got him down to 149 and he would have been an animal.
  3. justaref

    Kentucky College Wrestling Dream Team

    It's an utter shame to have never gotten to see John Wolsifier from FC wrestle in college. Biggest what-if of my generation of wrestlers.
  4. Not going to lie, things like the hammers and belts are so cool. I hate the typical dinky medals and love the idea of different celebratory trinkets.
  5. justaref

    Young Coaches in KY

    A storms a brewin over these here waters.
  6. justaref

    Young Coaches in KY

    As a younger guy that does officiating, I know a lot of my ex-teammates and competitors cannot devote the time to officiating or coaching or anything really. Most of them are inundated with daily life and trying to find their place in the world/career path. I've been lucky enough to find mine relatively young so it's easier to give back at this age. It's pretty miserable graduating high school for most these days, even a college degree is far from a guarantee of stable and worthwhile employment that also guarantees a good work life balance.
  7. justaref

    Young Coaches in KY

    I'm not sure why the KHSAA would miss out on an opportunity to either make money by charging for booth space for camps/clubs/organizations/vendors, etc. or further the sport by allowing these to be present. Maybe there is some sort of violation there, not entirely sure. Any convention I've ever been to, which a wrestling tournament is essentially just a convention dedicated to a sport, has information and advertising booths and a wing dedicated to the sort. Maybe they don't want to handle the logistics of this for all sports because if you allow it for one you have to for all.. Even though that's not true for videos I guess? Once again, entirely unsure on this situation. Louisville seems to be in desperate need for young coaches to fill slots at certain schools. There's no way it's plain 'lack of interest' from this many schools that have 500+ boys attending daily. Some schools have tremendous programs, but then others where you think there should be a program building, there is literally nothing. I posted something asking which teams will likely not happen next year because of lack of coaching or interest, etc. 400 views and no replies.
  8. justaref

    Thanks to the wrestling community

    I plead with all the parents of young children that I know to get them into wrestling early. Easier said than done, everyone thinks their kid has a good jumper in KY.
  9. Does anyone know what all teams will be missing head coaches or programs that would likely happen if someone wanted to take a coaching position there?
  10. justaref


    Not going to lie, that's all I could think about when watching the 220 final. Reed is a stud, shame he couldn't be out on the mats this season.
  11. justaref


    Weight class wise Bryce's performance was more impressive. If you are talking just down right performance Cornett looked like a man possessed out there. Easily pinned his way through the entire tournament.
  12. justaref


    Pratt 3rd in region 2, comes out to win state. Hats off to that kid, he came to wrestle.
  13. justaref


    Cornett is truly a beast. Can't wait to see him at the next level.
  14. justaref


    Wow, just realized Jett (ranked 2) isn't in it/going to place. Or Insko. Williams at 170. Some really good kids not on the podium this year. Some really tough draws/weights/outcomes.
  15. justaref

    Live Stream

    So. Rule 10-1-2 in the NFHSA book states that "Video recording is authorized unless prohibited by the state high school association". There is no explicit rule about 'streaming' but I'd imagine they are applying that there as well. They have allowed it all year to my knowledge, would be weird to not at the big stage but if they say no then the actual answer is no, it's not allowed.