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  1. Trell9998

    20' X 20' X 1 3/8" Roll-Up Wrestling Mat $229

    Link doesn't work
  2. Trell9998

    Mat for sale

    How much? Got pics?
  3. Just seeing if anyone post pictures anywhere on here? I'm always near the mat shooting photos for our school and next season will be shooting shots of random wrestlers in action but don't want parents getting upset if i post them. Good idea or bad idea? Just want this forum to grow. I know many might get on looking to see if pictures of their kid was posted. Just a thought!!
  4. Figured that was where they got info, explains why ours isn't right, our coaches don't update that like they suppose too.
  5. Yeah not sure how accurate that site is. Our 113 shows he is 0-3....shows my kid 6-8, that's not correct either.
  6. What site shows all this information?
  7. Trell9998

    Regional Weekend!!!

    Region 7 looks like Madison Central did very well along with Lafayette and Boyle County if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Trell9998

    Region 7 Predictions? Upsets?

    Wooo region 7 got strong brackets.....
  9. Trell9998

    2019 Youth State Weigh-Ins

    So this morning will be crazy.
  10. Who you think? I see other regions on here so figured I'd post region 7. Let's see em.....keep it classy.
  11. Trell9998

    2019 Youth State Weigh-Ins

    Totally agree, we were in line for 30 mins and barely moved. Heard there was only 1 scale which is crazy when you have hundreds of kids and 2hrs. Guess we try again in the morning.
  12. Trell9998

    JV State Location?

    Gotcha, thanks
  13. Trell9998

    JV State Location?

    Where will JV state be held? I heard Union county but just want to confirm.
  14. Trell9998

    Woodford Youth Wrestler

    Very awesome to hear!!! Thanks for update