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  1. Coach Livingston

    Middle School Regionals (region 4)

    I have our trophies
  2. Coach Livingston

    NUWAY National Duals

    I do think that some parents are scared of the blemishes on trackwrestling if their “Lil Johnny” gets his rear end handed to him by an Ohio or Pennsylvania kid. You know they’re all about the stars on the track profile. I find it extremely interesting that some of our best wrestlers (ranked Kentucky kids) will compete on Sundays in YOUTH tournaments in Kentucky but will only be spectators in tough events like NUWAY’s tournament in Louisville. I literally spoke to one parent as to why his son (a ranked Kentucky wrestler) wasn’t representing Kentucky in the NUWAY event...his response “I didn’t want to pay for a NUWAY membership and a USA Wrestling card too.” REALLY??? It’s $17 for a NUWAY card man! Your kid would have been awesome to have compete against some of these PA kids. The NUWAY event’s spectator fee for adults was $25 ($31 for coaches - no NUWAY Card needed). For an extra $23, his wrestler and himself as the coach could have competed at this extremely competitive event. But no....I’m sure these type of parents will continue to bring Lil Johnny’s to all of our Sunday YOUTH events, dominate, and continue to stroke their ego instead of represent Kentucky Wrestling on a national platform AT A HOME-STATE EVENT!!! Shame on the parent, not the kid. In my opinion.
  3. Coach Livingston

    Schools by Region

    We might as well make the top six placers at the regionals state qualifiers to better fill a 32 man bracket
  4. Coach Livingston

    Youth Region 4

    What’s the conference call for? Please tell me we aren’t trying to seed a youth regional tournament.
  5. Coach Livingston

    NUWAY National Duals

    For the record, I am currently speaking with OHWAY’s Director about the process to get KYWAY going. This is another opportunity, just like USA Wrestling, for our kids and for wrestling to grow in the Commonwealth. At the NUWAY individual state-based tournament, out of 323 wrestlers, only 6....yes, 6 Kentucky wrestlers participated, to my knowledge. Either way, we will grow!
  6. Coach Livingston

    Middle School Regionals (region 4)

    Are you also hosting the youth regionals too?
  7. Coach Livingston

    Boyle MS Individual Tourney 11/17 - FULL

    We’d love to come but that’s the same day as our annual WCI
  8. Coach Livingston

    Eagle MS Invitational

    We’d love to come but that’s the same day as our annual WCI
  9. Coach Livingston

    Smoky Mtn. Fall Brawl Sept. 15-16, 2018

    Are you wanting to get a team together?
  10. Coaches, Folkstyle Season is right around the corner. Here is the link to register on Trackwrestling for WCI. This year, the top 6 Placers will receive medals. I am also allowing individuals to sign up as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Coach Livingston

    Bluegrass State Games 2018

    Coaches, I’m excited for this year’s BGSG! I just registered 12 kids between the age of 5-10 years old for this event. I believe last year, WC only had 3 or 4 total kids registered for BGSG. I’m hoping with all of these remote weigh ins across the Commonwealth, our youth numbers will be higher than normal. I’m excited to see everyone there. This is the type of offseason event that allows us to stay true to the Kentucky State Motto: United we stand, Divided we fall. #KYgrowsWEgrow
  12. Coach Livingston

    The Bo Jordan Wrestling Clinic
  13. Coach Livingston

    Bo Jordan Wrestling Clinic at Woodford

    We opened up registration 10 days ago and there are only 20 spots left open. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity!
  14. Coach Livingston

    Blue Collar Brawl

    I wanted to say thank you for hosting this event. My kids had a lot of fun at their first Freestyle experience. Best Regards