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  1. Coach Livingston

    Middle school state > high school

    ……I probably wouldn’t generalize that one match for entire youth state tournament vs KHSAA state tournament…but I get what you’re trying to say. The Williams match appears to have been an exception, but I’m very confident that if you stuck all of the KHSAA ranked middle school kids and stuck them into the brackets at youth state, 100% of the ranked kids would convincingly beat the youth wrestler. You may have some wins by decision but I see falls in less than a minute on most.
  2. Coach Livingston

    Region sizes

    KFWC out here acting like the wild Wild West!!! I just combed through the bylaws and I didn’t see where that kind of authority is permitted. But seriously and if this is the case of assigning teams to different regions at last minute at the order of the President/Vice, then what would happen if all the Region 4 bluegrass area teams decided to show up at Elkhorn on Saturday instead of driving all the way to Belfry for regions? I’m just saying…what’s ok for one needs to be ok for others…right? If someone knows the clause that permits such decisions for officers to make, then by all means, throw it out there please. Otherwise, between the email chain and these forum threads, we can use this failure of governance as an opportunity to better our operations. Maybe a training or two from USA wrestling on how to operate a sanctioned committee could help newly installed officers as a requirement. Even if you already run a successful organization, there’s no shame in getting more training so that we can hopefully prevent the type of issues we’re seeing this past couple weeks. After all, we are all lifetime learners and this is me coming to you all with a solution to our problem. My youngest is only 3.75 years away from wrestling in the KFWC and I will gladly do whatever it takes to clean all of this up before he starts. Two pennies production.
  3. Coach Livingston

    Region sizes

    Winchester is getting our kids in now.
  4. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    You make an awesome point, my friend. Nobody knew what they were doing or praying to. At that moment and for all we know, they could’ve been praying to Lucifer (Satanism), The Universe (Pantheism), or Inner Peace (Buddhism)…either way, I did what you also did and shut my mouth and let them do whatever it is they were doing. I guess it wasn’t validated that is was a Christian prayer until recently. But ultimately, I’m making the argument that if the kids were Muslim and they brought out all of their Islamic materials needed to practice their belief (during or after the match), would the crowd, overall, would have given them the same respect as you and I have the 120 kids?
  5. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    1.) LOL…loosely quoted, I reckon. 2.) In practicality, I absolutely agree with that. 3.) Are you saying that spectator entertainment is greater than a person’s religious faith & practices? 4.) LOL…I’m not Muslim, so there’s no cognitive dissonance or biases. And yes, in respect to those who are followers of Islam, I made the effort to make sure I’m spelling their prayer times correctly. After all, I’m not a subject matter expert, just objectively looking at this hypothetical scenario. 5.) Not once have I said anything negative about the kids and what they did. As a Christian, I thought what they did was absolutely outstanding. That being said, I am using the Muslim practices of prayer as an example because the prayers are so ritualistic as opposed to simply taking a knee, bowing our heads, and saying Amen.
  6. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    Exactly…so let’s take this scenario and place it in the exact scenario and context as last Saturday…if they missed their prayer time and the match has ended, would the crowd have reacted differently if their coaches immediately brought out their prayer rugs, fresh bowl of water, wrestling shoes taken off, etc.? That’s the question at hand. It doesn’t matter how many time you or I or anybody has been across seas…the question, at hand, is simply would the crowd have likely or not likely acted differently if it was a different religion being practiced….and my objective opinion is they absolutely would have. But, what you said about stallings does bring up an interesting conversation/scenario…and if there are any referees that could chime in, please do…What would that truly look like if two people, practicing their religion belief during a match, were potentially disqualified?
  7. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    That’s great that you feel that why. I also bowed my head when they were praying because I’m also a Christian. However, if we look it this situation from an objective as opposed to subjective approach, a person can make the argument that if “KY wrestling” is so predominantly Christian faith, then it is not too far fetched to also make the argument that the said predominantly Christian crowd would have reacted differently.
  8. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    The argument is not about practicing freedom of religion, the argument is about how the kids would’ve been treated if they were a different religion, such as Muslim.
  9. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    Hello my friend…to quote Darth Vader, I find your lack of knowledge about the Muslim faith disturbing, LOL Muslims, from my understanding, have specific times that they pray throughout each day. That’s why I intentionally stated that they would be “stopping the match” to pray. At the time of the finals last Saturday, this would have fallen on or around the Maghrib (sunset prayer), and Isha (night prayer). Thus, your comment about my hypothetical scenario gives my theory, of how these two hypothetical Muslim wrestlers would have likely been treated by the crowd, much weight and validity. After all, people generally fear what they don’t understand. In addition, I also find your lack of knowledge about politics & wrestling also disturbing. If politics was so “largely absent” in wrestling, then why did the IOC try to do away with wrestling in the 2020 Olympics and it took a bipartisan effort from US legislatures (politicians) like Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and Tim Walz (D-Minn.) to advocate to the IOC why wrestling should stay? Note: Thinking politics doesn’t exist in your local wrestling team is absolutely naive, my friend. There’s such thing as “playing politics” as well, but I digress. As much as we like to think there aren’t politics related in wrestling, just ask your local public school team what they have to go through in order to get the school to pay for the team to compete…..those bureaucratic hoops that those coaches jump through are the epitome of politics. I hope that I have enlightened all the readers to step outside their comfort zone and learn more about a faith that’s not Christianity.
  10. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    Nobody is holding anything against them. The argument was made that if these two were Muslim, for example, what would have been the crowds general reaction especially given the rituals that occurred during a Muslim prayer.
  11. Coach Livingston

    120 finals prayer

    I would disagree on the grandstanding given it that they’re kids. But I absolutely would agree that the overall gym’s reaction would have been EXTREMELY different if two Muslim wrestlers stopped the match and began their prayer ritual. I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if those two Muslim wrestlers were boo’d and some in the stands started chanting USA. After all, Kentucky is predominantly Trump supporters in most rural counties and we all know how he feels about Muslims. And don’t come at me with that “keep politics out of sports” whining…
  12. Coach Livingston

    Top picks for Middle School

    I don’t think anybody said that it was illegal to have a 15 year old compete. It’s clear that they are permitted to wrestle middle school level in Kentucky. The difference maker in everyone’s argument is the “held back” factor. Like I said, to each; their own…but holding a kid back that’s literally about to be eligible to get his/her drivers license this year all while potentially wrestling a 4th grader at a KFWC sanctioned event is….well, weird. just my two pennies
  13. Coach Livingston

    Top picks for Middle School

    LOL…Here’s some perspective on why soon to be 16 year olds wrestling middle school is never OK… This year in a wrestling dual/tournament in Kentucky you can literally and potentially have a kid born in 2006 wrestling a kid born in 2012 or 2013 (4th grader)… Let that sink in from a safety and common sense perspective and please correct me if I’m wrong about the potential age difference. To each, their own…I reckon.
  14. Coach Livingston

    Semi state seeding

    No doubt!!!!
  15. Coach Livingston

    Rankings 21-22

    Agreed. Fun for sure, especially bragging on our kids to coworkers, family, etc. Maybe at the next Kentucky Folkstyle Wrestling Committee meeting someone could make a motion that there be a mandatory database where all youth wrestling results our housed? Just thinking out loud here…