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  1. Might want to revisit the Ashland Blazer team ranking as they were just recently beat in a dual match up by first year start up West Carter.
  2. fishers57

    Stalling Camp LOL

    I started watching this and began to laugh. Then I suddenly started thinking that we may have wrestled a few teams who attended this camp. I was told that this was the Kentucky way of wrestling, do nothing until you can lockup a throw attempt for the crowd. Once I came to grips with it all I began to laugh again. Man I wish I had someone who could play the flute on our team, the woodwind type for those that went there and you know who you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  3. You have Eli Daviau of Boyd County #6 at 170 but he is undefeated at 182 and will remain in the weight class for the year.
  4. I am one of the coaches at Boyd County. Daviau  #4 at 160 is going 182 this year. Braly #17 at 170 is out for the year.