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  1. WrasslinCoach

    Looking for event on 1/22

    Are there any OPEN events on 1/22?
  2. WrasslinCoach

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    Competition aside, realignment needs to happen this year. I am not knocking any JCPS/Louisville area school but the sheer number of kids participating has been on a decline for many years. Since the last realignment the following Jefferson County Schools have folded or haven't fielded teams beyond a handful of wrestlers in recent years: Holy Cross, Iriqouis, PRP, Southern, Atherton, Manual, Eastern, Jeffersontown, Kentucky School for the Blind, Seneca, Shawnee, Western. Jefferson County should combine to make 1 region and create 2 regions from the Outside Louisville, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Bardstown area schools.
  3. WrasslinCoach

    Kywca meeting- 7/25/21

    The current regional pairings already require overnight stays for most schools, the majority of Region 2 schools traveling to the nearest Region 1 school (Union) is still about 2.5-3 hours. Having 2 semi states in a central Location... lets say Owensboro and Lexington cuts down on alot of logistical issues for KHSAA and teams out on the far reaches of the state. The key is that it needs to be in a central location, and for teams traveling from Region 1 and Region 8 it's gonna be inconvenient wherever you hold it.
  4. WrasslinCoach

    Full Teams

    2020 Regional Participation Numbers per trackwrestling Region 1: 117 Region 2: 133 Region 3: 108 Region 4: 84 Region 5: 119 Region 6: 132 Region 7: 171 Region 8: 140 Total: 1,004
  5. WrasslinCoach

    Full Teams

    2021 Regional Participation Numbers per trackwrestling Region 1: 104 Region 2: 134 Region 3: 74 Region 4: 65 minus Moore Region 5: 99 Region 6: 132 Region 7: 137 Region 8: 107 Total 852
  6. WrasslinCoach

    MOW ?

    They sent an email/text this morning to coaches, Noah Duke won MOW. Very deserving. Good wrestler and very fun to watch.
  7. WrasslinCoach

    2021 Ranger Report part 2

    Thanks for this Ranger you benefit our sport tremendously. Gonna miss the announcer tommorrow calling out Kentuckywrestling.com rankings and exciting matches.
  8. WrasslinCoach

    Brackets are out

    Yesterday the Lafayette kids were dropped from the bracket and seeds were rolled up. This morning, looks like they were added back and put in at the 8 seed. Does that make sense to anyone?
  9. WrasslinCoach

    SB128 signed by the governor

    I am an elementary school teacher, I totally agree with that assessment. If it is needed then heck yeah give that kid a redo year to catch up. I see the gaps forming and the need to catch up by repeating a year. But from a logistical standpoint, going from 23 kids per class to 30+ per class especially with the cuts in budgets to almost every school. Keeping all those kids is a hard choice. I don't know the right answer.
  10. WrasslinCoach

    SB128 signed by the governor

    I do know that it's just optional. It's really a local school board decision. I know two of the larger school districts in the state are rumored towards not taking that route. Logistically, I would believe school districts would see it as a nightmare.
  11. WrasslinCoach

    Brackets are out

    220 is a mystery as well, I think it should be Virzi, Moore, then Savage.
  12. WrasslinCoach

    Horrible brackets.

    Listen I totally agree, I am not a fan of seeding it like this especially when criteria is super fuzzy. The way it is done at state tournament with regions randomly drawn in and 1v4 and 2v3 works well. We do get those matches where highly ranked kids meet in the quarters which is a bummer. But for example if a kid from region 2 knows stud A from region 1 is gonna be on a certain side of the bracket then they may forfeit to 3/4 to dodge stud A. Especially when you know whose gonna be in the bracket. Takes the random draw out of the equation. It may be rare, but somewhere it will happen.
  13. WrasslinCoach


    It's great to see some of Kentucky's best and brightest getting to compete on the big stage. It's fun watching these guys wrestle.
  14. WrasslinCoach

    Horrible brackets.

    That's the other side people are not mentioning, the forfeiting in placement matches at regions in order to line up for a better chance at advancement at semi-state. It's lame but it would happen. The seeding criteria for semi-state is not perfect but it does allow some chance and rewards kids for their overall body of work for the season.
  15. WrasslinCoach

    State- what it could look like

    Granted that attendence is limited and no it isn't a surprise they would limit coaches numbers. Nobody expects anything less from the KHSAA. Coaches are just as much as a stakeholder in all this as parents/fans. I am not saying one should get in over the other. Will a coach mind paying??? Heck no, as long as he gets to coach his kids. It just stinks they gotta pay for it. But that's not the point, state wrestling tournament never had a limit on the number coaches who could get in. As long you did the rules clinic and safety course, you were good.