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  1. matreturn

    Best Match @ State

    Agreed, but the action in that match was superb! Both wrestlers wanted that title.
  2. matreturn

    Best Match @ State

    Jordan Bates came to wrestle! That was an exciting final at 138.
  3. matreturn


    Consistency of calls needs improvement. When you have a ref disqualify a kid for a particular move/hold during season then allow a kid to pin another in the state tournament with the same move/hold, something isn’t right. Either the wording of that rule is too vague or the ref doesn’t understand the rule. Also, I know video reviews would be nearly impossible for all matches at State but at the very least the finals should have that option. Our kids work hard to reach that opportunity and deserve every chance to earn the title with the least amount of human error.
  4. matreturn

    Regional Weekend!!!

    Who were the MOWs for the regions?
  5. matreturn

    Region brackets put out yet?

    1,5,7 available....every other region is super secret.
  6. matreturn


    Radzhapov is from Moore
  7. matreturn

    Large School State Duals

    Thanks for the explanation. Couldn’t make it out to the State Duals today and just saw results on track. Curious was all. Both programs are exceptional.
  8. matreturn

    Large School State Duals

    Anyone know why Woodford took a forfeit against Oldham County?
  9. A shame if that’s true. Exciting kid to watch. About Rider.
  10. matreturn

    12/10/18 Region 2 Rankings

    If Hoppes goes 126, Hite is 132 and true flip of this is true too. The picture should become clearer after the Christmas drop.
  11. matreturn


    List on track wrestling shows Central Hardin as well
  12. matreturn

    Who to watch

    Mason Polson, Freshman I think, looked pretty solid this weekend.
  13. Thank you for this. Perfect for showing kids how much harder they need to work to get where they want to end up. Josh Volentine from Central Hardin not returning for his senior season.
  14. My kid is coming late to this party and we were unfortunately one of those families who didn’t pay the deposit, not out of spite but simply because we didn’t have it at the time. We are not opposed to paying our way but it’s unfortunate that if there is no team (schoolboy, cadet or junior) that a goal my kid set to try and get selected will not come to pass. He loves to wrestle. Loves to learn. Gets his butt handed to him often but going to Fargo would have broadened his horizons. Our high school program went through a coaching change and neither the previous or new coach pushed off season wrestling at all. We just found out about camps last year. Found out about Fargo when I read about it on this forum the week of.
  15. Any dates/info for freestyle/Greco tournaments in KY?