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  1. Beavin Cundiff


    Justin Krebs Is @ St X
  2. Beavin Cundiff

    Louisville Male HS New Head Coach

    Thank you Coach McCoy, you helped my son and many others grow into fine young men. You need anything always happy to help. You started a great program at Male. Hope for a healthy recovery. And good luck Sean, you are a great role model and a great coach!
  3. Beavin Cundiff

    2019 Ranger Report

    Thank you Ranger for all your hard work on keeping the whole state up with youth, middle, and High School. Always look forward to checking them out really appreciate it.
  4. Beavin Cundiff

    wrestlers playing football

    My son Brayden Cundiff playing for Atherton. LB/FB Should be a fun So. year for him.
  5. Beavin Cundiff

    2Lb Weight Allowance Encourages cutting weight

    I'm no fan of cutting weight especially kids but this is a good example of the rule. My son has use this to his benefit all three years in middle school and now his freshmen year 152 to 145. After football season he drops 1 weight under him the right way. Wrestling up helps with him getting better. High school also has a weight assessment test that has a chart that makes it safer. But I also understand your point, over all just want kids to enjoy the sport, and be safe.
  6. Beavin Cundiff

    Middle School Ranking 11-6-16

    Ty Lehman is 130 and wrestling for the Indiana outlaws not with RC anymore.
  7. Beavin Cundiff

    Rankings 12/11/16

    Mr. Duke Brayden Cundiff is wrestling 140 and is a 8th grader. Devin Lawson of RC decided not to wrestle this year. Brayden did make weight 1st tournament but RC needed him at 152. Thank you for all that hard work the rest of RC looks right.