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  1. carrir

    Youth State-issue

    We were told ( as my 12 year old son wrestled him) that he was getting ready to turn 16 in a few days from duals. He obviously won Middle School State and then turned around and placed 6th in High School state. Now we have wrestled my kid up in the past years and I think that's fine but to wrestle down I don't feel is. I understand he is in the 8th grade but a 15 or 16 year old 8th grader? If you can't play sports your senior year as a 20 year old it seems there is a loop hole in middle school side of things that should be tightened up. One year behind I can see more than that there should be an issue in my opinion.
  2. Perhaps, I had only seen my son's and it wasn't changed.
  3. Why would you think they would be changed?
  4. carrir

    New to wresting

    These have both Youth and Middle School in Louisville River City Youth Wrestling (held at St. X in Louisville) Colts Wrestling (held at Desales in Louisville) Shamrocks Wrestling (held at Trinity in Louisville) Oldham County, South Oldham, North Oldham and East Oldham all have teams Fern Creek Wrestling (in Louisville) Moore in Louisville) has a youth program but you have to go to Moore Middle School to continue with the program (once in middle school) I'm not sure of any clubs in Bullitt County. If there are they are new and I haven't seen any at any tournaments but that doesn't mean they don't exist. John Hardin also has a youth/middle school team. All depends on where you are located as to which is closest or easiest to for you to get to. Taylor County also has a program. It would just depend on where you are and what is closest to you! Good Luck!
  5. carrir

    Rankings 1-5-19

    Jude Powel at 105 is wrestling for River City this year.
  6. carrir

    Weigh in procedure

    No on shoes. Having them weigh in in their singlets makes it faster to do weigh ins since boys and girls can go together
  7. carrir

    Middle School and Youth State

    I have asked many about this rule and have been told that it reads participation at Middle School State, not eligibility for middle school state. Hence, if they step on the mat at State they are ineligible for Youth State but allowed to wrestle in Middle School Regions. I hate this new rule. My son is a 10 year old, 5th grader wrestling 121 and can hold his own against most middle school kids but also gets beat by the better 8th graders, as he should. It's a transition year for him and kids like that shouldn't be punished for being good at the Youth level and also trying to step out to get ready for middle school.
  8. carrir

    KHSAA rule

    That's perfect! Thank You so much!
  9. carrir

    KHSAA rule

    What KHSAA rule allows middle school wrestlers to wrestle for a high school? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  10. carrir

    Board Issues

    So Fed Up, reading between the lines it seems that this is really about a meeting that you missed and a vote that didn't go the way you wanted it to, had you been there, correct? I'm sure the board would prefer to have all coaches attend meetings and feedback/votes from them.
  11. Doesn't look like any snow at all now
  12. carrir

    Mr and Mrs Tyler Baines

    I completely understand wanting to just watch your wrestler but the importance for each family to help out is what makes or breaks an event. My family kept score on Saturday with no wrestler involved. My son wrestled Sunday morning and they had the mat he was on covered so we kept score for the afternoon session. Obviously, living in Louisville made it easier for us to do this but you get my drift. If afternoon wrestling families could help in the morning and vice versa it would work better. However, if you volunteer to keep score finish the job. Don't just walk off after your child has lost. It's rude to walk off a table that your club is getting paid for you to do a job.
  13. carrir

    Youth state 2017 brackets

    That would be my assumption. Since the weigh ins were extended to Sunday morning they won't be completed until after that.
  14. carrir

    1st Annual Blugrass Youth State Duals

    I totally agree with the thought process there as a parent. Good Luck to him and that is definitely a brutal bracket but the experience will be amazing for him and his future in wrestling!
  15. carrir

    1st Annual Blugrass Youth State Duals

    My opinion would be yes, as long as he isn't your middle school starter. Why should he be punished for being good in the 5th grade?