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  1. wrestlingfan03

    Levid Rodriguez - Virginia State Champ

    Thank you very much. It was great weekend. He wrestled nationally ranked E Fortuner in Regions and then this past weekend again. Good luck to all KY wrestlers and coaches this weekend at KY State.
  2. We wish Noah and Cole the very best this coming year. Certainly two of our favorite wrestlers from Kentucky.
  3. National USA Wrestling magazine posted 2021 Best HS Juniors Congratulations!!! From Kentucky: Ranked: Levid Rodriguez, Stephen Little, Cole Thomas and Noah Duke Special Mentioned: Trace Eckman, Devon Herron & Braydon Gianonne http://www.wrestlingusa.com/ewExternalFiles/Best 2020-21 High School Juniors Wretlers.pdf
  4. I am looking for a 198 lbs this weekend for Spartan Nationals. we are heading down there with Vougar Honors Club. please contact me ASAP
  5. wrestlingfan03

    Wrestling Family and a story about a Tux

    I didn’t know the entire story till just now. That’s wonderful.
  6. wrestlingfan03

    Region 8 and Semi-State 4

    Martin County was a great host for the tournament, always helpful and friendly. I appreciated the cleaning of the mats and the reminders in between to wear masks. I loved that they had cleaning personnel working all day to keep everything clean, including bathroom. They did start pretty late in the morning, but for people who had to travel, they had an option to leave in the morning instead of having to stay the night. It ended late no doubt, but well run.
  7. wrestlingfan03

    Nick Giompalo

    Yes Congratulations to Nick
  8. wrestlingfan03

    Wrestler of the week?

    Thank you.
  9. wrestlingfan03

    Significant Wins - January 11-16

  10. wrestlingfan03

    Significant Wins - January 11-16

    Did they wrestle at 220 ?
  11. wrestlingfan03

    KWOA Fall Classic still on ?

    Thank you