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  1. Does anyone know of Individual Tournament Dec 7th & 8th? In KY or nearby?
  2. wrestlingfan03

    Iowa preseason nationals

    Johnson Central, Levid Rodriguez
  3. Congrats such a tough competition. These boys did great.
  4. wrestlingfan03

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    OK thanks
  5. wrestlingfan03

    2019 Ky All Star Classic

    Do you have more info? Flyer? How to register and what are the weight/age groups?
  6. Harrison County Invitational December 7th, 150.00.  you are welcome to come.  


    Shoot me an email at josh.ashbrook@harrison.kyschools.us

  7. wrestlingfan03

    Looking for Individual Tournament for 12/7 & 8

    Thank you
  8. Please share if you know of any individual tournaments.
  9. wrestlingfan03

    State Duals 2020

    Thank you
  10. wrestlingfan03

    State Duals 2020

    I read somewhere on here that they moved State Duals to the first weekend in Feb. Does anyone have concrete info about the date?
  11. wrestlingfan03

    Preseason HS tournaments ?

    Thank you. I appreciate it.
  12. wrestlingfan03

    Preseason HS tournaments ?

    Are there any preseason tournaments out there?
  13. wrestlingfan03

    KY Extreme Saturday clinics

    Thank you
  14. wrestlingfan03

    KY Extreme Saturday clinics

    Any clinics in July?
  15. wrestlingfan03

    Kentucky USA folkstyle state March 2nd and 3rd

    Completely agree with Braves coach. I don’t mind spending money if it’s worth it. We don’t really care about a medal, we are looking for beneficial match ups. We travel around the Nation all the time, but prefer the ones with several of good matches.