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  1. Was just wondering if anyone knows the schedule for this weekend. Thanks
  2. ThreeCount

    12/10/18 Region 2 Rankings

    Exactly right. It will sort itself out on the mat. No hiding out there. You either win or lose.
  3. ThreeCount

    Region 1 Rankings 2/1/19

    I agree the top four are studs. I will go out on a limb here and say after Christmas you will probably see 2-3 of those names drop down to 160. Then the scramble is on.
  4. Let’s face it, the rankings are fun to look at and possibly use as motivation. Kids are going to make the rankings and some will drop from the rankings. The kids have a long season ahead of them. In the end the best kids rise to the top where they should be. The one fact about wrestling is you can not hide behind your team. It s you versus the man across from you on the mat. The best wrestler is victorious in most matches.
  5. ThreeCount


    Bryce, with 4
  6. ThreeCount

    2017 BGSG

    I don't want to ask a stupid question, but what exactly is the Bluegrass State Games? Will it be freestyle, Greco, and folk style? If so how many wrestlers has it averaged in the past? Thanks, any information is helpful.
  7. ThreeCount

    Trigg Co Results

    What were the team placements?
  8. ThreeCount

    UCMS Duals

    Are there results available?
  9. ThreeCount

    Region 1 Pre-season Rankings

    Thanks for putting this together FalconWrestling. Always enjoy seeing how things start out and then shake up as the season begins and progresses. So ready for the season to begin.
  10. where did you get region 3 results?

  11. ThreeCount

    Region 1 results?

    Never mind just saw it
  12. ThreeCount

    Region 1 results?

    Now we have 3&4. 2 is on Track. Who can post region 1?
  13. ThreeCount

    Region Results?

    Can we get some Region results posted.
  14. ThreeCount

    KSWA Region 4 Tournament, Sat Jan 30, 2016

    "That's 100% correct. If It was a team from district 7 needing to reschedule not a word would've been said." Why does a team from district 8 need to reschedule? If the 23rd (which was a Saturday) was fine. Then why would the next Saturday not work as well?