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  1. Looks like you put in a lot of work as always so thanks. These teams are now region 1 Owensboro, Owensboro Catholic, Daviess County, Apollo & Whitesville Trinity and Ohio Co was moved to Region 2 just so you have that info. Again thanks for your timeless efforts for all these kids to see themselves getting some credit for the work done.
  2. panthers

    Regions and States

    To Address the meetings of small size. I for one do not attend any longer. I used to try and log on when they were on zoom or other styles but most or all was just a bunch of arguing or talking over each other. Some very critical comments sometimes when people tried to speak of different thoughts. I haven't seen much in working together on just the ones I attended. Doesn't say it hasn't gotten better. Just saying sometimes new ideals are meant with a lot of negativity before we look at the thoughts behind them. Now as to season and starts I agree with GentleBeard and I did push my start back for several reasons. In the past we always tried to start close to when high school did but due to middle being 4th thru 8th and trying to build and retain kids with covid issues as well as youth football not ending all-stars in my area till first week of Nov. I moved middle school back to start second week of Nov just 2 days a week because parents didn't want a kid to start a new sport after it had already started. (so they are telling me) I didnt schedule them any matches till Jan with some of the better 7 & 8th just staying up with the high school to get more mat time in exhibition matches if they want to. This was done just to rebuild numbers we lost during covid and to try and retain more kids as we let them build a love for the sport before it becoming a year around sport. As for long term I really dont know the overall answer to building numbers and being better, but I will say I have been doing this now my 18th season and the kids in KY are the best I have ever seen with more teams wrestling than ever before during my time. In saying that it seems the numbers of some teams have gotten less and its seems harder and harder for those teams to now fill roster spots. So that we need to try and build as well as stay focused on building our level of wrestling.
  3. panthers

    Regions and States

    Yes this has been my point all a long. Wasn't ever meant to ruffle any feathers just a different take on a situation from a different view.
  4. panthers

    Regions and States

    Correct and parents know its just not another travel baseball type thing in our area
  5. panthers

    Regions and States

    My reasoning for shorting the season is similar to RJS above but with a few differences. First off we are trying to build the sport in our community and it just isn't popular. When it goes on forever and interrupts other sports or activities some of the newer kids although they may love it parents don't so we lose them. I am all in favor of any kid that wants more mat time to stay with the club since we have to be members anyways to do middle school and wrestle as long a season as they can and want in youth tourneys everywhere they can. Just the so called middle school season to be shorter. As for March ending I like it better than first of Feb because I don't have enough coaches to go to middle school state, girls state and high school event all on same weekend. As for spring and summer i want my kids as many as will or can to train off-season camps and tourneys. I just don't have many that will as a matter a fact I really wish we could get KHSAA to let us have Freestyle and Greco Spring Sport season so the state can improve overall as well. Maybe then I could get more kids to stay and do tourneys.
  6. panthers

    Regions and States

    I didn't realize it went on that long but again its only a few teams it affects not all since it is a pay to play tourney. But regardless I know it is very important to those who do play. Either way its just an ideal to separate the high school and middle season. Which moving back to December to March wouldn't do but is better than what we have now. If not earlier I would be more in favor of a spring middle school season. Yes its different than some states but other states have much more support to grow the sport with more coaches to assist in the different level teams. Also I do believe there is a state or two that already has moved it to the spring. I could be wrong but heard talk of it.
  7. panthers

    Regions and States

    I agree some middle school teams still are playing in the state tourney that's not a part of the middle school season but still is a great thing for those programs. But dont we have the same issue with High School wrestlers still playing football in Oct and Nov when we are having High school practices. The Middle school State tourney finals I believe is Oct 16th and although this is late it still isn't that many kids it would affect. Nothing is a perfect plan just throwing this out to give a different thought for all to look at.
  8. panthers

    Regions and States

    Fall middle school sports end first Oct so it wont over lap. As for other states doesn't matter what they do some don't have it till Spring and that's ok too. Its not a fight just a suggestion. You will still have youth going on it Nov, Dec, Jan and etc... for anyone just said it wont interfere with anything high school is doing.
  9. panthers

    Regions and States

    Well last word I got was also Feb 27th and March 5th hopefully someone will get it all straight and let everyone know soon so we can make plans. As for long season I agree we should start middle school first of Oct and end Thanksgiving weekend. That way kids that want to go straight into HS season can with no missed practice for other events or overlap. Then ones that one extra time on mat can find plenty of youth matches after Thanksgiving as well. No overlap for any of them. Just a thought to help out smaller programs that have to do all teams youth thru high school and not allowed to have other coaches. No other Middle School Sport goes on before the high school sport and ends after it just saying.
  10. panthers

    Semi state

    I believe this would help grow the sport in numbers but no matter what any of us think or how much data we have bottom line is it is never going to happen. KHSAA will always refuse this ideal due to the fact that regardless of numbers if they did let it split they would have opened up a can of worms. What I mean is outside of football the KHSAA doesn't do any division in any sports. All of the Big School/Small School or Class single A titles are all done by the Coaches Association of the sport in question. If Khsaa decided to do that for wrestling every sport in the state would want the same done for their sport and then the next sport and so on from there. If KHSAA just keep it NO then they don't have to hear it from any other sport. That's why we will stay one class regardless of numbers, because if numbers is all it took there would be more classes in basketball and baseball which is where the money would be. Just my thoughts
  11. panthers

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    So sorry for your community and familys loss. RIP Coach prayers sent for all
  12. panthers

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Hang in there and fight coach we are all praying for you.
  13. panthers

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Prayers sent to coach, his family and his team. Get well soon until then we will keep the prayers coming.
  14. panthers

    Master Schedule

    Email me and lets see if we cant set something up. Jason has my email if you dont.
  15. panthers

    Middle School Tourneys

    We are looking for Middle School tourneys on Saturday in Jan any except the 29th we are previous booked for that One. Sunday are okay but not if its not an early start for School bot age kids. With travel cant do late Sunday nights. You can email me at