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  1. panthers

    tournament dates for 2019-2020

    1st Annual DC Big Brother Duals Daviess County High School Owensboro KY FEB 1st 2020  We had 10 high school teams this past last year and next season it will include middle school teams as well those 10 teams will have first choice but some don't have middle school teams.. If you are interested in getting your teams in let me know so I can add you and get you paired up with a high school team without one or save you a spot. Cost is $175 per team or $300 for both. 
  2. LIFE UNIVERSITY PROSPECTS CAMP (Daviess County High School) Lindsey Wilson Grad and 2X National Champion Jameel Bryant is the instructor at this the Friday and Saturday camp July 12th and 13th cost is $60 and $45 if you have more than 8 kids. You must per-registor as space is limited. Camp Clinician Jameel Bryant 2x National Champion 2019.docx Wrestling Camp Release Form 2019.docx
  3. panthers

    Boyle Big Brother Dual Tourney - Dec 14th 2019

    Daviess County will be there with both teams.
  4. panthers

    Middle School Tournament Dates 2019-2020

    1st Annual DC Big Brother Duals Daviess County High School Owensboro KY FEB 1st 2020 We had 10 high school teams last year this year it will include middle school teams as well those 10 teams will have first choice but some don't have middle school teams. If you are interested in getting your team in let me know so I can add you and get you paired up with a high school team without one. Cost is $175 per team or $300 for both.
  5. panthers

    2020 MS State Tournament

    Yes its a huge problem cost and all that goes with it buses as well. I started to just charge more for our middle school kids just to cover some of the expenses with cards, coaches fees and tourney fees. Even after raising it I noticed that with the outrageous cost to compete at Regions with no cap for teams I still didn't charge enough to over come it all. Tourney fees just for middle school alone for us this season was $587 and we only did 2 plus regions. As I was telling my coaches the other day you have to charge at least $125 fee per kid to cover the cost and break even unless you have more than 25 middle school kids at least. Just hard to grow your numbers like that and if you already have insurance then why should you have to do that. I think its way to much even for the ones that have to have it. If you don't have lots of kids in your clubs you either have to charge a fortune or lose money in building our teams. We do not compete at the youth level at all for these and other reasons.
  6. panthers

    Best type of mat for a wrestling room?

    We bought a EZflex 15 years ago and use it everyday for about 8 months out of the year. It has held up fine but I would think if I could keep it down all the time and not have it where kids can mess with it that it would be even better. Not sure this helps but might.
  7. panthers

    2020 MS State Tournament

    Can anyone post the actually dates that are set for Middle School. Start/finish whatever the locations of the Regional tourneys and the State tourney and the dates as well so I can start to figure how I can work around them and get my schedule set to get kids there. Thanks
  8. panthers

    State finals location

    In previous statement yes grappler-of-old I am aware KHSAA has nothing to do with the youth and middle I was just stating I liked the statement to moving them all. As for the rest I like both of yours and Halfhalfhalf said: statements about things of importance for moving tourney. We all wish it never left the Dungeon but those days are gone for good and we must look to find a great new solution. I believe for the #3 Girls wresting if KHSAA would get behind it there would be more schools have it. I tried 2 years ago to get my school to let me have an all girls team because of interest from young ladys in our school telling me they would if not with boys and I have younger ones coming up. My schools answer was no such thing cant have unless its a khsaa certified sport. So might be others feel same way. I do think Central located will be key due to cost of Lexington people KHSAA workers having to stay hotels if not. So I look for it to be back at horse park or somewhere else in Lexington or close by.
  9. panthers

    State finals location

    Where ever they move the state tourney to or what is decided. I really don't think KHSAA cares about what the Wrestling coaches or community really wants or it would have never been at the horse park and the show it used to be would still be great. Whatever is done the above statement is what I wish would happen. Makes no sense to me why a middle school season would ever be 5 to 6 weeks longer than a high school season. With the new middle school ending two weeks after high school state and always starts a few weeks ahead thats what has been created.
  10. panthers

    State finals location

    I hope its not the Horse Park the dirt kills if you have allergies and the floor is uneven with dips everywhere. Unless they are willing to put down a wooden floor over the crappy white mats used now we should move on from there.
  11. panthers

    Prediction Game

    14--170--Ervin---UC 13--152--TKC--Campbell Co 12--195--Deprest--ST. X 11--220--Ervin--UC 10--160--Zane Brown--Male 9--113--Pye--Scott 8--132--Yost--Woodford 7--138--Deck--MC 6--HWT--Pierce--JC 5---182--Stevens--Trigg Co 4---145--Carr--UC 3--106--Spencer Moore--WV 2--126--Bacon--UC 1--120--Horton--Ryle Dark horse----195--Michael Elkins Christian CO Kid to watch out for as well 138--Darien Camery--John Hardin
  12. panthers

    Growth in numbers 2018 vs 2019

    Maybe with some possible other teams starting up in the future I have heard about recently and this year Henderson started maybe a shift of of teams in different regions will increase the numbers of the small regions. As some regions get to many teams maybe some will be moved to the smaller ones to handle the starting in Semi rounds in years to come.
  13. panthers

    Large School State Duals

    Lets face it the overall Champion is Sat Feb 16th.
  14. panthers

    Large School State Duals

    I for one think there is no wrong answer here. If you want to wrestle then wrestle if not go home with your kids on a high note. You came to that tourney with one goal to win a State Title you did that; mission accomplished great job JC and congrats to you Union County great guys, team and happy to consider them friend/. Use the win to get ready for what really matters all year long Individual Regionals and the chance to win the overall State Title. If they left this tourney happy healthy and with a title then they are in better shape than a lot of other teams who may have faced injuries. Coaching is more than just wrestling every match possible its an emotional sport and ride that wave while you can and let your kids enjoy what they earned. If the powers want to make it a thing to wrestle big school/little school one title then set it up in 2 sides of one bracket 1 Little and 1 big with one champ or set up an alternate Saturday a week or 2 after State to have them in a off-season dual winner take all at least that way both teams gets to enjoy their success they had earned. Great job to all the teams that made it that far and to UNION and JOHNSON CENTRAL for the win. Congrats Champs.
  15. No broke it at practice in a simple drill just landed wrong and thanks.