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  1. Fighting irish

    What items will be allowed at State Tournament?

    I have seen them as well, which begged the question as to whether or not they were specifically forbidden. Great idea for wrestlers to catch some zzz's, or for a disinterested sibling to watch movies on.
  2. Fighting irish

    State Prediction Game 2017

    4-EsCalera 106 5-Bender 113 6-Wells 120 7-Moore 126 8-Ervin 132 11-Sheffer 138 10-Roberts 145 3-Huston 152 2-Blanton 160 14-Cornett 170 13-Andreoni 182 12-Steven 195 9-Malala 220 1-Washington 285 Dark horse McManus 145 Team champ- Union County 210
  3. Looking for some guidance, I know coolers will not be permitted. Specifically I am wondering if an air mattress and folding chairs would be authorized for set up in an area out of the way.
  4. Fighting irish

    Region 7 Tournament

    Odeh is a very strong wrestler, and his beard game is unparalleled.
  5. Fighting irish

    Region 7 Tournament

    What happened to Odeh Eqal, Tates Creek 145? Not showing in the bracket.
  6. Fighting irish

    Region 5 Tournament

    The 145 bracket looks rough, top 3 are probable state placers to include the likely state champion. Maybe the toughest bracket this weekend. Hard to believe one of these boys will be a 3 seed going into state.
  7. Agreed, hope this is his year.
  8. Fighting irish

    Region 7 Tournament

    How many round of Championships an Consolation will be wrestled Friday night?
  9. Fighting irish

    All Region Classic

    Pre-season tournament as it were, hate auto correct
  10. Fighting irish

    All Region Classic

    Perhaps there could be a pretty season tournament for all returning State qualifiers. Even if there were 50% participation, you would still have a 16 man bracket. If more, piggy back into the bracket, full tournament giving a true preseason ranking. More mat time for those that are serious about competing for not only State title, as well as a podium spot.
  11. Voted a few times, good luck. Cody is a great wrestler, and an even better kid. See ya at State. Good luck at Regionals.
  12. Fighting irish

    State Duals ?

    Have any of the large qualifying schools opted out that we know of?
  13. Kevin Vasquez also weighed in at 147 yesterday, also ranked at 152.
  14. Blake Gamble from Johnson dropped to 147, he is currently ranked at 152.
  15. Fighting irish

    Tate's Creek Invitational

    That particular ref was a train wreck all day.