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  1. FLex34

    Youth State Duals

    Actually Carr’s kids competed for Carr the week before at Regions. What region did the EKY Juggs compete in? Also, the Carr team didn’t even fill all the weight classes in the dual. And FTR, both Pike and Martin have bigger teams (and JC) than carr so your comment is bull. Everyone knows the intent of state Duals is for teams who wrestle as teams during the year compete. If EKY Juggs had been competing as a team throughout the year together no one would have said a word. But that didn’t happen. Those kids wrestled for their home teams. The coaches used the lack of wording to thier advantage to form a team. Why didn’t Martin Co or Pike take their regular teams? Both had more kids than Carr? Why did they need to pick up anyone from JC. And just so you know tons of kids from other teams train at Carr in summer...didn’t see them wrestling with Carr yesterday. Lastly, give everyone a break with the against us country people. Last time I checked McCracken Co isn’t exactly a booming metropolis nor is Union Co....and those two areas are flat out getting it done in this state.
  2. FLex34

    Youth State Duals

    It’s ridiculous
  3. FLex34

    Youth state registration

    I’m curious as to why on the state flyer it says 1/28 is deadline to register then says late registration will not be accepted but the registration is still open? Why put a deadline if not going to honor it? Or why have the deadline so early?
  4. FLex34

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    You can’t have a list and not have Spencer on it. Best 3 kids I’ve seen this year (limited so not being disrespectful) are... Moore Giannone Blue I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of these studs this season though!
  5. FLex34

    T.O.C. April 22nd -Columbus

    Jayden Rainy 1st Jordan Rainy 2nd
  6. FLex34

    Tournament of Champions

    Isham Peace finished 6th.
  7. FLex34

    Tournament of Champions

    Yes I believe the 2 Darland brothers from CWA both placed 2nd and 5th.
  8. FLex34

    Tournament of Champions

    Do we know how many KY placers there were yet?
  9. FLex34

    2016 Built to Tilt

    Excellent clinic!! Look forward to the next one!
  10. FLex34

    Female Interest Is Growing

    Olivia was impressive in the finals Braves coach. Those were two excellent wrestlers going at it regardless of their gender. I think that rivalry is about to pick up!!
  11. FLex34

    Team KY at fargo

    Max has looked great so far... ATM with win 8-5...
  12. Not sure if you know but 4/18 is same day as TOC.
  13. FLex34

    From the Bottom to the Top Clinic

    If this is as good as Built to Tilt it will be an awesome day!!
  14. I def would NOT order anything from this group. I believe this to be a SCAM!! Apparently, PA site has had same problem.
  15. I caution from ordering from this company. I ordered one of their packages a week ago and have received nothing in regards to shipping time. I have sent 6 emails to their customer service email and contacted them through their site with no response whatsoever.