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  1. We will be there sunday at 700 .

    Raider Rumble

    AND fan of wrestling and anyone else who wants to train me and my pops hit it almost every night at the gym anyone and everyone is welcome ,All joking aside its the extras that make it easy come mat time . grappler of old we understand if you cant pull yourself away from the cheetos bag or you and your southern buddies cant get away from the gossiping on the websites ,

    Raider Rumble

    old grappler you and x and wildcat need to go down to the girls wrestling in ky thread thats where you belong leave the rest of the threads to the men and that mean ME ATM you want to clique up and talk smack about me and my bro talk smack about kys best at IRon MAn big ten bench warmers and whatever else bring that crap i will set it all straight at state at nationals and on every mat in between ,and that weak classless pic wildcat wont be so funny come state when im demolishing everyone and laughing at X of course they will never have anyone who can last a period with me let alone a match ,Brock will take the ow because hes great ,But make no mistake I will win the most pins in least time i will crush everyone just have the refs ready to call stalling because the only first move is backwards .

    Raider Rumble

    There you go calling me a liar again, you need to try that to my face ,Like i said the Swowca The South WEst Ohio Wannabe ChickenS838 asociaation championship is a joke and no my coach didnt lie ,why on earth would they deny a state champ team an opportunity to wrestle at SWOWCA when it would only raise the bar of comp there ,LOL talk smack and lies to everyone else walk around like sheep or whatever ATM tells the truth ,they didnt want CC there because their champs would fall,period like i said my brother hammered it as a fresh and soph they dont like us or pops and who cares its a garbage tourny anyweay ,made weak by its own efforts to protect it , The rumble is much more honorable and in being so much more true to the sport ,but what would you know of honor or real wrestling ,introduce yourself to me and i will educate you old grappler . as for me no it wouldnt be tougher to win except the dirty refs there might try to cheat me like they did my brother but its all good ATMRULES

    Raider Rumble

    Oh im going to handle my buisness this weekend ,and thanks ,just having some fun ,I dont like fake people or people who talk smack that aint fact ,like that kid who said he did better against me than he did against that buckeye kid well , I set that straight reeeal quick ATM style didnt I. As for the joker talkin smack about me not hitting Iron Man well me or my pops dont make the schedule i have always asked to go ASK the coaches at CC ,dont matter the Iron Man was horrible in my class no one there at all ,glad i was at the Rumble i would have pinned through Iron Man and still not gotten the ow because it was so weak , I have beaten all the Ohio kids there in the past and despite the bs that they spout about me getting worse obviously i have gotten better in KY thats why i am ranked where i am and i earned it the hard way if i were an Ohio kid with my record i would be ranked 1 right now ,but there has never been an undefeated 2x nat champ at 220 from ohio , and st x sure as heck aint about to steal any of my thunder LOL I coach youth wrestling every Mon and Thurs any clowns from ohio or louisville or anywhere else want to wrestle come bring it i would love to show all my little camels how we do it in HS .

    Raider Rumble

    Whats up i leave to go do a few sets with my pops and i come back and see blank posts , Dont know why everyone gets so worked up I aint gonna lose to no st x kid or no kid in the state or no buckeye either , I love Ky and Ohio why wouldnt i i own em both always have ,Me and my brother were ky state champs as a youths even though the haters tried to strike us from the books . Big shout out to Woodford tell coach Carr he has my sympathy anyone that can put up with old man Boston is a saint hahahahahahah

    Raider Rumble

    You calling me a liar old man grappler ,can you not read thats what i wrote wasnt it ,Swowca is just a tournament ran by some ole witch from Moeller who keeps everyone out who might embarass her old mans team or some of its superstars ,thats why they dropped CC the year before last from first to seventh or so on the list ,My brother and i were about to lay serious smack down on them posers like my brother had already done his fresh and soph yr ,after ME and Fausz are gone they will invite CC back ,they are weak a sham a tournament blown up by those in southern ohio particularly those that control the tournament in order to make some private school shine keep its parents happy and paying and give em bragging rights in their part of the state since they cannot seem to win a state title even with half the states best kids on their team , Me and my dog Fausz would stomp those scrubs at SWOWCA and i hear those wannabees talking smack about me ,trouble is their ohio elite have short memories i smashed em for years and their best couldnt make it to me at Nationals ,Im sooooo happy i got to pin some buckeyes at the rumble ,15 sec i think i was like what happened i didnt even do anything , then i got to go pin a LaSalle kid yesterday now i get to go pin some kids up in ohio around columbus this week then go back to dayton and pin some kids there im getting bored already . ATM RULES

    Raider Rumble

    Meiman may be a bit overrated ,but Koala looked sloppy in the match as well ,he looks as if he cannot decide what weight he wants to go ,looks as if he has lost some speed over the years ,He did beat Meiman handily but i wouldnt brag about not being scored on at 170 and 182 either this yr or at the rumble its early in the year and he has been beaten every yr by Ohio and KY wrestlers Meiman isnt a a world beater hes a good athlete that plays multiple sports AJ isnt a world beater either ,he has wrestled for yrs and is taking advantage of yrs of experience surprise he aint a state champ by now ,I think Steph beat Kola last yr at fairfield or one of those other weak tournaments in southern ohio and ,AJ has wrestled a long time in a lot of rooms ,congrats to him for his win over Meiman ,If you consider yourself a big dog dont bark at the pups and run under the porch when the other dogs come barking ruff ruff The Rumble is better than swowca anyway ,now run along to swowca and bow down to the powers that be in that part of your state , ATMRULES