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    Top 8 teams 2015-16 (preseason ranking) 1. Union Co 2. Trinity 3. Woodford 4. Fern creek 5. St X 6. Oldham 7. John Cent 8. North Oldham
  2. KentuckyWrestler

    November 29th

    Defender duals is a team dual format. I think 10 teams, two pools. Harrison I hear is looking tough this year. Also how will Walton Verona and Harrison match up against Woodford? Woodford having two teams again kind of scares me. Reminds me of the old days. Excited to see them compete this weekend.
  3. KentuckyWrestler

    November 29th

    Who all is wrestling next weekend? Any big duals or individual matchups?
  4. KentuckyWrestler

    South Oldman

    North Oldham scrimmage was great. All the teams looked tough. But Moore really has some tough kids. Also Oldham had a big team. Someone from Woodford told me they tried to get into trinity scrimmage, but trinity turned them down. Trinity, Woodford, fern creek will be fun to watch.
  5. KentuckyWrestler

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    That is awesome that these guys went and competed. This is a tough tournament. No joke. Woodford looks solid next year. Those 4 guys plus a handful of others.
  6. KentuckyWrestler

    CWA Technique Clinic Featuring Zeke Jones

    This camp / clinic sounds great! Zeke is awesome! Hope a lot of kids attend! Great job coach Carr
  7. KentuckyWrestler

    Kyle Lawson

    Same thing could be said about trinity. With the North Oldham boys Duncan / Heidorf they might not be as tough either. Oh and Frankrone
  8. KentuckyWrestler

    Abbreviated Ranger Report

    Yes Campbell, union, and stx will be tough again next year, Trinity and Woodford will be the top 2 teams. Mark my words. Both teams are very young and talented
  9. KentuckyWrestler

    State Observations

    106- Hurst has some serious heart. He was fun to watch. Tough as nails. 113- Sheffer is so smooth with his wrestling, love to see him scramble and mix it up. 120- Boston is amazing to watch. Great move to move transitions and basically just makes kids quit. 126- Carr is a darn good wrestler. I enjoyed watching such great young talent. Biggest upset of the tournament. 132- Ervin is great to watch. First 5x state champ in KY. Amazing. 138- Fausz is a stud. He's a beast on top and is very technical. 145- Whalen, similar to Hurst is tough as crap. Always ready to rumble. 152- Lampe is such a hard worker. Like seeing him grind it out. 160- Lampe is just a huge 160lber I think. He is tall and strong. Dude is a warrior. Head taped up and everything. Didn't get to see much of the 170 match but heard it was a good one. 182- Frankrone is a stud. So explosive and strong. 195- Parrot is athletic. Big dude and still technical and fast. 220- Meyers is huge. Definitely hit the weights hard in this past off season. Wrestles like a lightweight with the great takedowns. Hwt- Johnson is tough. Good big man on his feet. And on top.
  10. KentuckyWrestler

    State Tournament Prediction Contest 2014

    Yes I think those 4 picks of mine from Woodford are all right there on track to win a title. And not necessarily, union will probably have 10 placers and 4 champs won't win a title over 10 placers. Chill out guys, these are MY predictions. Boston, Hurst, Courtney are going to be tough to beat at state and I see brown losing before the finals which Andreoni MIGHT win it then.
  11. KentuckyWrestler

    State Tournament Prediction Contest 2014

    14- Boston 120 13- Myers 220 12- Ervin 132 11- Lampe 152 10- Fausz 138 9- Blackwell 126 8- Hurst 106 7- Lampe 160 6- Sheffer 113 5- Courtney 182 4- Andreoni 145 3- Meiman 170 2- Lawson hwt 1- Morrow 195 Team - union 202
  12. KentuckyWrestler

    State Predictions or Rankings

    Austin vs Carr will be a good one. Strength vs speed
  13. KentuckyWrestler


    Wow top half of bracket is stacked.. Looking for Ervin vs Lannum, Mitchell, korfhage in the finals
  14. KentuckyWrestler

    random draw

    Carr vs Austin in 2nd round, vega vs. Bindner in quarters, Ervin vs Hernandez in quarters, hurst vs. Burroughs in semis, Whalen vs. Andreoni in quarters , Hernandez vs krebs in 2nd round, smith vs Sheffer in quarters
  15. KentuckyWrestler

    Seeding State Tournament?

    Yes I do because it would help with time on Saturday and it would give you more time to recognize the state placers