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  1. Captin Obvious

    Indiana State tournament

    Does anyone know where I can watch the finals online someone please help
  2. Captin Obvious


    Someone inform me sense the state tournament has been postponed is it possible for them to seed the tournament instead of a random draw and if it is possible does anybody else think this would be a good idea just look at the situation there's 3 weeks
  3. Captin Obvious

    dominic lampe

    Wow sorry to here that,this is so terrible they could have changed something where he could have received his punishment after state
  4. Captin Obvious

    Most Regional Titles by Team

    Idk but I think Union has 10 or 11 consecutive and 14 all together
  5. Captin Obvious

    region predicitions

    Ok then I would say woodford for region 5
  6. Captin Obvious

    region predicitions

    Idk I wasnt 100% sure probably so
  7. Captin Obvious

    region predicitions

    Just A Shot In The Dark But (if these regions are right) Region 1-Union Region 2-Central Hardin Region 3-Fern Creek Region 4-St.X Region 5-Trinity Region 6-Campbell Region 7-Lafeyette Region 8-Harrison
  8. Captin Obvious

    2015 State Duals Info

    Union wins against X 41-30 great match ups
  9. Captin Obvious

    2015 State Duals Info

    Lol, I wanted your input on how Campbell is as a dual team
  10. Captin Obvious

    2015 State Duals Info

    @crazyhorse what are the odds of Campbell winning large school ?
  11. Captin Obvious

    State dual qualifiers

    Will the winner of small school and the winner of big school meet up again like last year ?
  12. Captin Obvious

    Union County at Gp west innovational

  13. Captin Obvious

    Union County at Gp west innovational

    The union county boys are representing KY well in Brentwood Tennessee being the only out of state team there they are in first with 151 followed by Cleveland TN & Brentwood TN with 105, they have 4 in the finals so far with 4 in the semis and 5 in the consolations
  14. Captin Obvious

    Kentucky Teams @ Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Great job to all three of the Kentucky teams, they made a great showing at a tuff out of state tournament, it's obvious what teams will be the top dogs at state this year
  15. Captin Obvious

    Ryle Recap

    How was it wasn't able to make it, saw some interesting this according to track Things*