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  1. lasttakedown

    National Tournaments?

    Are there any more folkstyle national tournaments?
  2. lasttakedown

    NHSCA dual team openings

    Or 82? Which ever weight that isn't filled.
  3. lasttakedown

    NHSCA dual team openings

    Still looking for a 95?
  4. lasttakedown

    team ky

    I think the highest returning placer goes. No seniors allowed I believe
  5. lasttakedown

    the dragon invitational

    The seeds were 1.Carmen 2.Chamblee 3.Pledger 4.McDaniel. Carmen and McDaniel met in the semis McDaniel won 7-3. Chamblee and Pledger met in the semis and Chamblee won 8-3 I think? Then Chamblee pinned McDaniel in the third of the finals.
  6. lasttakedown

    the dragon invitational

    Larue County is going this year??
  7. lasttakedown

    the dragon invitational

    So SK won't be there???
  8. lasttakedown

    Cooper- Myers Battle !!!!

    full results???
  9. lasttakedown

    Jefferson County Tournament

    Individual predictions?? Team predictions?? MOW predictions? Let's hear it
  10. lasttakedown


    Does anyone have the full corrected list??
  11. lasttakedown


    No southern??
  12. lasttakedown

    Region 4

    The 182 from moore was also out for the rumble
  13. lasttakedown


    Who's going?? Any predictions?
  14. lasttakedown


    Any predictions on this weekend??
  15. lasttakedown

    #2 beats a #1