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    2012 Outstanding wrestler award region

    Region 5 Tyler kaelin
  2. TFall distributer

    Hardest weight to place?

    I think 126, and 132
  3. TFall distributer

    State Tournament

    I agree... The bottom half of unions lineup is stout.. Not to mention they have some good heavy wrestlers as well
  4. TFall distributer

    Region 5 Predictions

    Oh yea ... I have heard good things about the burkes from middle school it will be interesting to see how they do
  5. TFall distributer


    I've heard... But we all know that wrestlers show up with different attitudes in big tournaments... But I don't think it will give Lampe enough to pull it out Carr is just a tough kid to wrestle
  6. TFall distributer


    Bernard Ray from Larue will win no doubt
  7. TFall distributer


    Jayce Carr from union is a tough wrestler but Lampe from X will be a tough contender
  8. TFall distributer


    Brock vs TJ will be a good finals match but I think the Brock will pull it out 5-3
  9. TFall distributer

    Region 5 Predictions

    What about 2,3,4??