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  1. Thomas Noe

    need help ranking 3 teams

    North Hardin, Christian county, Hopkinsville in that order
  2. Thomas Noe

    BGSG Remote Weigh-in Sites Needed

    How do you register online
  3. Thomas Noe

    Bluegrass State Games Date Change

    This might be a stupid question but how do you register and what is the entry fee
  4. Thomas Noe


    no one said i was an expert and the last time i checked this website was to disscuse are thoughts on each topic but ok be the meyers father for this page and ruin it lol and yes 6 straight minutes maupin dominates
  5. Thomas Noe


    idk about that one jude out matches anyone in strength and has good technique but maupin has great technique and improved so much more than last year you also have bell who could supprise but this is coming from someone who has wrestled both maupin and jude last season
  6. I Thomas Noe pinned Will conrad in the first period earlier this season & this past weekend lost to Sam preston by 3 but beat Travis Kalien by 1
  7. Thomas Noe

    South Oldham Dragon Invitational?

    does anybody know what he seeds are
  8. Thomas Noe

    South Oldham Dragon Invitational?

    so does anyone have any predictions
  9. Thomas Noe

    South Oldham Dragon Invitational?

    i feel like people should be talking more about this then the myers brothers
  10. new rankings before dragon
  11. Thomas Noe

    Jefferson County

    southern tied for second with woodford but we only had 13 guys are 138 did not make weight
  12. Thomas Noe


    at 195 i pinned the 5th ranked kid in the state in the first period it will either be bailey & douglas in the finals or bailey & whailen