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    Region 8 @ Bourbon Co I believe.
  2. Coaches The region 4 wrestling tournament has been moved once again to Sunday, Jan 31st, weigh ins starting at 10:00. The reason for the change is I have just herd from the officials and all three have prior engagement with either state duels or other tournaments going on across the area. I apologize but just like the snow this too is out of our control. Jesse Ray Peck Johnson Central High School Special Education Teacher ASST. Football Coach JCMS Wrestling Coach
  3. Bluesdad

    KSWA Region 4 Tournament, Sat Jan 30, 2016

    I'm not going to get into a back and forth on here. Everyone knows who I am. Its pretty obvious. If you want to have a conversation with me about our reasoning find me Saturday and we can discuss the reasons. I'm open to having a reasonable conversation with anyone just not a back and forth on here that helps nothing.
  4. Bluesdad

    KSWA Region 4 Tournament, Sat Jan 30, 2016

    That's 100% correct. If It was a team from district 7 needing to reschedule not a word would've been said.
  5. Bluesdad

    KSWA Region 4 Tournament, Sat Jan 30, 2016

    That's 100% correct. If It was a team from district 7 needing to reschedule not a word would've been said.
  6. Bluesdad

    McNabb Montgomery Region

    Not sure about our district. A couple years ago Hope Miracle from Taylor Co placed 4th I believe at state. She's the real deal can wrestle with anyone.
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    If we move it to Sunday that will mean that the middle school regionals and youth regionals will he both be held at the same time in the same arena on the same day.
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    Discussing that very thing right now.
  9. What are some interesting regional matchups in each region some are looking forward to? In Region 4 it seems 80, 92, and 105 will be barn burners. There could be others that I'm missing.
  10. Bluesdad

    Middle School Rankings 2015/16 - JANUARY 8

    Yes I believe you're correct.
  11. Bluesdad

    Middle School Rankings 2015/16 - JANUARY 8

    The only way a seed changes is if a kid can't compete on the day of the tournament. Say the 4 seed from district 8 can't compete. The 5 seed from the hosting district (I believe in right in this but I could be wrong) will fill in the 4th seed. Or say the 2 seed can't wrestle day of. The 3 will slide to the 2 the 4 to the 3 and the 5 to the 4. This is the only way seeds change.
  12. Bluesdad

    Region 4 weather

    As of right now it's still on for Saturday. Weigh-ins are pushed back an hour now. Starts at 10 now instead of 9. Also weight classes are base plus 3. So 70 will be 73 and so on. This is the info I have for right now.
  13. Bluesdad

    Regional matchups your looking forward to!

    It will be base plus 3. So 70 will be 73. This is for region 4 only not sure about the other regions.
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    My opinion. If your at a weight class you should be able to make that weight. There's already 2lbs being given.
  15. Bluesdad

    State Duals

    Yea over 6 hours on a bus, it's a Long haul.
  16. Bluesdad

    2016 Youth State Tournament - workers needed

    If a wrestle that is youth age places top 4 in middle school state are they ineligible to wrestle at youth state this year also? Thanks
  17. Bluesdad

    District 8 Region 4 middle school

    Harrison Co is hosting district 8. Johnson Co is hosting region 4. In middle school.
  18. Johnson County should have a pretty good team again this year. Blue will probably be 92 to start the season but will be 86 by districts.
  19. Bluesdad

    Top Ten Freshman/Sophomores this year

    Geordon Blanton, Blake Gamble, Joe Jackson, and the Horn twins from JC.
  20. Bluesdad


    Johnson Central loses one to graduation 152lber Collins.
  21. Bluesdad

    Fastest pins ??

    It was 8 seconds. I was sitting right behind the table to the left on the clock in the Johnson Central section. The score keeper let a second tick off when it shouldn't have. As soon as it happened I looked at Geordon Blantons dad and said that was a 7 or 8 second pin...WOW!!!
  22. Bluesdad

    Here we go

    Yep the Phelps/Ashford match was pretty bad. Not sure how they took that takedown away.
  23. Bluesdad

    State Timeline

    What's the cost this year for both sessions? Is it still 10u get in free? Thanks
  24. Bluesdad

    2015 Ranger Report

    Aaron King from Johnson Central is a returning state placer.