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  1. Bluesdad

    Team Kentucky Middle School

    What dates are the tournaments scheduled for? If Blue is released in time to get back in shape and get some mat rust off him he'd be interested in wrestling.
  2. Bluesdad

    Middle School State updates

    Congratulations to all the middle school wrestlers on another great season. Everyone works so hard and puts so much time into this sport. So congrats to everyone that competed. I can't wait till next year to see Blue Fletcher back on the mat. He was wrestling very well this year before his injury and was very disappointed he couldn't compete for a middle school state championship or a high school regional title.
  3. Blue and I both voted... GOOD LUCK!
  4. Bluesdad

    Middle School Ranking 1-22-17

    There's a few good wrestlers out this year that would've been really high placers maybe even a state champ or 2 lol.
  5. Bluesdad

    Great Wrestling in Region 4 Scarred

    I heard it was a great day of wrestling. I wished Blue was healthy and couldve wrestled in the postseason. He was having a outstanding year with the high school. Congrats to everyone from all teams that advanced to state and all the kids that wrestled their hearts out. Sorry we had to miss it.
  6. Bluesdad

    2017 WSAZ Tournament in Huntington West Virgina

    JC still has 7 in the winners bracket and a few kids in the consolation bracket. There in 2nd place overall in the team standings.
  7. Bluesdad

    2017 WSAZ Tournament in Huntington West Virgina

    Joe Jackson 170 and Brady Taylor 195 both of JC are 2 seeds.
  8. JC has a kid at 182 that won MS state last year that's not in the starting lineup becuse there upper weights are so stacked right now.
  9. Bluesdad

    Johnson central

    It's going good so far.
  10. Bluesdad

    Johnson central

    What reason would I have to lie lol. I said we add all our matches to track I didn't say they all were added in there right now. They'll be added like always.
  11. Bluesdad

    Johnson central

    JC doesn't wrestle in KY very often. It's easier and more convenient for us to travel a hour to WV or an hour and a half to VA and wrestle good competition then to travel 3 hours to wrestle in KY. The tournaments we wrestle in does not use track wrestling but we add all our matches to track like every team.
  12. JC beat MadC 41-29 I believe
  13. Bluesdad

    State Duals ?

    Johnson Central beat Madison Central 41-29
  14. Bluesdad

    Woodford Co. Middle School Tournament

    Johnson County Eagles
  15. Bluesdad

    Congrats Zeke

    Congrats from Johnson County Zeke!
  16. Bluesdad

    Team Kentucky Middle School

    I'm going to talk to the Johnson Co boys this week and see if their interested.
  17. Bluesdad

    Entering wrestlers in youth state

    If they place top 4 in middle school they are not allowed to wrestle in youth state.
  18. Bluesdad

    Entering wrestlers in youth state

    Not sure if the favoritism thing was thrown toward me or not. I didn't say favoritism was shown or anything was wrong with the way the tournament was seeded but i do like the true 2nd place idea. Blue will wrestle anyone in front of him it doesn't matter. Win or lose Blue shows up to wrestle whoever is across from him.
  19. Bluesdad

    Entering wrestlers in youth state

    There's no way the youth state tournament is randomly drawn. Just look at my sons middle school bracket then look at his youth bracket lol.
  20. Bluesdad

    Region 3 Tourney Update

    What site was that? I didn't know they were another site we could post and read on.
  21. Bluesdad

    Region 4 results

    Johnson Central High School 2016 Middle School Region 4 Tournament Team Scores 1/30/2016 1.Johnson County Middle207.00 2.Woodford County140.00 3.Carr Wrestling Academy114.00 4.Wayne County112.00 5.Anderson County102.00 6.Madison County96.50 7.Elkhorn90.00 8.Martin County68.00 9.Bourbon County48.00 10.Scott County 47.00 11.McCreary County 45.00 11.(tie)McNabb Middle 45.00 13.Johnson County Middle 2 31.00 14.Ashland Middle 26.00 15.Pikeville 18.00 16.Tates Creek 17.00 17.Harrison County Middle 12.00 18.Anderson County 2 11.00 19.EJ Hayes 8.00 20.McNabb Middle 2 7.00 20.(tie)Elkhorn 2 7.00 22.Perry County Middle 0.00 22.(tie)Wolverine Wrestling Club 0.00 22.(tie)Wayne County 2 0.00 22.(tie)Carr Wrestling Academy 2 0.00
  22. Bluesdad

    Region 4 results

    70 1- Nolan Banfield MCN 2- Nick Giompalo MAR 3- Jonathan Gilbert TC 4- Colin Tucker WAY 75 1- Chris Begley MAD 2- Conner Dutton WC 3- Carter Auxier JC 4- Keela Dick WAY 80 1- Jeffrey Kinley MAD 2- Jake Cain MAR 3- Luke Chapman CWA 4- Zack McCoart JC 86 1- Thomas Deck MAD 2-Kayden Graham CWA 3- Jacob Salyers JC 4- Ashley Courtney WC 92 1- Blue Fletcher JC 2- Reece Goss WC 3- Dylan Preston CWA 4- Ruben Martinez MCY 98 1- Zach Cowan CWA 2- John Lowe ELK 3- Ethan Fowler AND 4- Jackson Geilear WC 105 1- Brayden Giannone CWA 2- Cauy Wallace WAY 3- Dalton Lawson JC 4- Dylan Bourne WC 113 1- Morgan Martin MCN 2- John Pittman WC 3- Jayden Webb JC 4- Isaac French BOU 121 1- Triston Brooks WC 2- Montgomery-Jone ELK 3- Jared Kidd MCY 4- Hunter Curtis SC 130 1- Levid Rodriguez JC 2- Eric Green PIK 3- Chase Fink AND 4- Andrew Adams MCY 140 1- Nathaniel Lawrence ELK 2- Branson Smith MAR 3- JJ Blanton JC 4- Trenton Allen SC 152 1- Tyler Patton WAY 2- Cainen Akemon BOU 3- Nick Stapleton JC 4- Alex Bowen MAR 168 1- Bryce Tacket JC 2- Marret AND 3- Andrew Maupin ELK 4- Christian Mercer AMS 190 1- Devin Johnson JC 2- Thomas Hurt SC 3- Devin Sanders WAY 4- Nolan Hedges AND 240 1-Derek Hager MAD 2- Cameron Willis JC 3- Ben Jennings AND 4- Braiden Castle JC MOW Thomas Deck