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    Rankings 1-21-18

    When did the rule go into affect that you had to be in 4th grade to compete in middle school? My son “Blue” competed in middle school since he was in the 2nd grade. Maybe Dalton was grandfathered in. Why does everyone always look to the conspiracy theories?
  2. Just like March Madness!! Who do you see in the finals. And if you want to add your winner and score. Let's have some fun and see who gets the most face offs correct once the dust settles in Louisville. Obviously some have favorites an bias so let it out!!! This is a great sport and these are some great kids. Best of luck to everyone chasing their dream. Stole the opening from Coach Thomas “aka gameface” thanks lol 70- Vega vs Gardner* 2-0 75- Tucker* vs Raney 5-2 80- Spalding* vs Sander 8-2 86- Moore* vs Begley 13-6 92- Thomas* vs Giompalo 6-5 98- Chapman* vs Herron 7-4 105- Kinley vs Cain* 3-1 113- Strauss vs Roberts* 8-6 121- Goss* vs Messina 10-4 130- Blue* vs Phillips pin / a little biased here lol 140- Hatchett vs Wittry* 9-6 152- Little* vs Kidd pin 168- Giannone* vs Virzi pin 190- Rodriguez* vs Ervin 8-4 240- Wayne* vs Brown pin Lets see what everyone else thinks! Good luck to all the wrestlers at state this weekend.
  3. Bluesdad

    2018 Middle School State Predictions

    I’ll throw my 2 MOW’s out there. LOWER Spencer Moore Upper Brayden Giannone
  4. Bluesdad

    Pikeville or prestonsburg in state

    Carter Akers from Prestonsburg in the 130lb weight class. He placed 2nd at regions.
  5. Bluesdad

    2018 Middle School State Predictions

    They for sure made me laugh out loud lol.
  6. Bluesdad

    Ms State Duals

    As far as I know, no he does not. He wasn’t on the podium at regionals. A kid from Montgomery Co I believe was awarded 4th place.
  7. Bluesdad

    Ms State Duals

    Dq’d for throwing elbows from top position to the back of the kids neck. They were in the 3rd/4th place match.
  8. Bluesdad

    Ms State Duals

    Agreed, couldn’t have said it any better myself.
  9. Bluesdad

    Middle School and Youth State

    I do understand what your saying but here’s what I say...let em wrestle.
  10. Bluesdad

    Middle School and Youth State

    I agree 100% Doc!
  11. Bluesdad

    Middle School Dual Teams?

    I’m pretty sure Carr will attend.
  12. Bluesdad

    Region Tournament

    Yesterday was a long but fun day.
  13. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Your welcome! Red is a icon to us all.
  14. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    I love to read your smart replies it makes my day lol. Here’s where my comment came from. He beat Chris Begley earlier this season 15-0 at John Hardin. At the Brawl last season the score was 12-7 hence the catching up. Spencer is a stud and the best middle school kid in Ky without a doubt. Kids are putting in work and catching up. That’s just a fact. Your comments make it seem as tho I was trying to discredit Spencer which is far from the truth.
  15. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    I agree but there’s a few catching up to him.
  16. Bluesdad

    Rankings 1-7-18

    It seems to work nicely lol! Good job Mr. Duke.
  17. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    NICEEEE!!! Easy access to a weight room is worth a lot lol.
  18. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    How big of a basement do ya got...:))))
  19. Bluesdad

    Rankings 1-3-18

    I second that. Thanks a lot Mr Duke you do a great job. Always, sorry to hear about Keyandre. Blue went through not being able to wrestle last year. We’ll be praying for the young man.
  20. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Blues doesn't attend Johnson Central any longer. He transferred to Lawrence County "which doesn't have a wrestling program" last year.
  21. Bluesdad

    Can KY Wrestling CLOSE the GAP?

    I agree 100% with this post. That's why I'm traveling 2 hours to Carr academy for practice thur the week lol. It's well worth the money and time.
  22. Bluesdad

    Hunter Donovan - WV wrestling

    God bless, sending prayers from the Fletcher family.
  23. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    I agree the top 3 "Spencer, Giaonne, Duke anyway you type their names their the top 3" are a step above the rest. Their monsters but their not head and shoulders above say 4-6 or 7. 5 and 6 are closer to them then you think IMO.
  24. Bluesdad

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Noah and Spencer are great great wrestlers but I don't think I'd say hands down they are the best kids in the middle school ranks. There a couple more kids that are pretty darn good to.